How to Make the Best Use of Your Time

At some point in the week, we all experience downtime. Maybe because a client needed to re-book, or maybe because our energy level is too low to tackle a high-level activity. This is the time I refer to as “having no brain left”. What do you do with this time., how do you make the best use of your time?

How To Make the Best Use of Your Time

Do you let yourself run down some rabbit hole on the internet? Or do you go for a walk? Or do you make productive use of this time? Take a look around your office. Take a look at your computer. If there is clutter, give some thought to the effect that it has on you. It usually causes distraction and is definitely a time-waster when you can’t find something. It causes unnecessary stress. So maybe downtime is the time to do some organizing.

Could you reorganize your computer filing system? Do you really need all those things clogging up your desktop? If you are afraid you might forget something unless it’s right in front of you, why not put them into an electronic note with a timed reminder. If you are afraid you won’t be able to find it again, file it logically and know that good use of your computer’s search will solve that.

Could you empty that overflowing inbox? Why is it so full? Could you un-subscribe to some things? Could you delete some things? Could you simply archive some things? If items are there to remind you to do something, put them into a to list with a reminder date.

These examples are both indicators that it’s time to make use of some of the great programs and apps that help you to get and stay organized. I like Evernote to keep track of bits that I don’t want to lose and I couldn’t function without Trello to stay on top of to-dos.

If you really have no brain left, then it’s time to catch up on that shredding that’s been piling up.

Today being Monday, just take a look around and decide what you could organize when you “have no brain left” this week.

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