How much liquid do you consume in a day?

coffeeYour answer will no doubt include many cups of coffee.  While we know that coffee gives us a pleasant lift in the morning, the impact of more will not be the same.  As the work day wears on, more and more coffee produces jangling nerves and a dehydration effect. The desire for another cup is an indication that our bodies need fluid.  Another cup of coffee only increases the problem.

waterWouldn’t it be just as easy to take a water break as a coffee break?

Lack of hydration produces a reduction in cognitive abilities and many other internal problems.  Why not give it a try.  An 8 ounce glass of water upon rising, another one or two in the morning,  the same in the afternoon and evening. A few drops of lemon or lime makes the water taste better.

Almost immediately, you will notice improvement in your performance at work and your ability to handle stress and deadlines.

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