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Lately, I have been learning how to do a lot of new things.  My colleague Vivek Rao and I have been creating some online courses and posting them to a new website (websiteforcourses.com), and I have also been creating a variety of new sites for clients. But it occurred to me recently that it’s not for everyone. If technology scares you, you might like to check out the post Does Technology Scare You? for some simple advice.

But if you find technology interesting and fun, you might like to learn about our course development process.  Check out this little training blog that I posted to Wealthy Affiliate recently:

How To Create A Course On A Website

My other exciting news is that I have become an affiliate of the great online video development platform called InVideo.  It’s great for creating short promotional videos suitable for posting to your favourite social media.  The YouTube you see here was created with this program.

Now, I’ve shared what I’m up to, here’s an opportunity for you to share too. I’m very interested in what you are up to this past year.  Have you withdrawn from technology altogether; or are you having some fun with something new?  What are you doing in your business right now?  You might enjoy my recent post Why You Need A Business Coach to help you sort out what you need to be doing.

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