Importance of Sleep

Recent studies have shown that lack of sleep has a huge impact on our ability to perform.  Solopreneurs who burn the candle from both ends will discover that it leads to trouble eventually.  With so much to do it’s easy to fall into this habit. When we are not getting eight hours per night regularly, we suffer from memory loss, short attention span, slow thinking, reduced creativity, irritability and cognitive impairment. It’s not difficult to project the sort of results that we can expect in our work.  Today, we will look at some techniques to try when you can’t sleep.

If we know that during sleep the body sustains the immune system, balances hormones, repairs damage and allows the brain to process and archive information, then we know that we must have it.  But what do we do when we find ourselves wide-eyed and brain whirling when we should be sleeping?

Techniques To Try When You Can’t Sleep

  1. Turn your sleep patterns around.  Though it will be painful at first, set the alarm for very early, say 5:30 or 6:30 am. Get up and start your day.  Once your body become used to this, you will find it easier to sleep at night – your body will tell you when it’s time to sleep earlier.
  2. Try a brain dump.  Get up and make a list of every single thing that you know you need to get done.  The effect of this is that you now know nothing will slip through the cracks and be forgotten and you can relax.  The brain dump idea comes from David Allen – Getting Things Done 
  3.  Being unable to sleep often points to lifestyle choices we have made. (red wine in the evening, coffee intake, etc.) Ask yourself, “Was it worth it?” Occasionally the answer will be ‘yes’; and in this case just get up and read for a while and live with the consequences the next day.  But if sleeplessness becomes a regular occurrence, some major changes are in order.  
  4. Screen time is known to have the effect of keeping the brain awake.  Remove the TV from the bedroom. Newscasts can set up our fears, anger and anxieties that will be amplified in the night.  Put away the tablets and smartphones and read from a hard copy if you need to read at all.  
  5. Make a list of your routines from about 5:00 pm onward and choose the most obvious lifestyle change to make.  Then monitor the results you get. One general principle is that our body and mind must be ready for rest and be in a relaxed state.  Meditation
  6. Try some soothing music.  Set your system to turn itself off automatically after 1 hour.  That way you won’t stay awake so that you can turn your sound system off.  
  7. Meditate or sleep with You can try it out for free and the premium application is well worth it.  
  8. If you have something bothering you, try journalling. Be sure to articulate how you feel about that something.  




Lifestyle changes, meditation, relaxation tapes, journalling – each have some value.  If none of these have any effect, then it’s time to seek professional help.  YOU DO NEED YOUR SLEEP!



Mindset Monday Challenge:

If you could use more focus and clarity in your work as a solopreneur, review your night time habits.  Are you getting enough sleep?  Try some of these techniques.


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