Is Email Marketing Effective

In a recent Success Circle we talked about the best use of our time as solopreneurs.  There are now so many social networking platforms and they all require learning and constant attention.  One participant suggested that blogging and email marketing are the best use of time.  So we decided to explore the question “Is Email Marketing Effective?”

Questions arise when I consider the question: Is Email Marketing Effective

  1. How many emails do you have in your inbox?
  2. How many emails do you receive in a day?
  3. How many of them do you read?
  4. If they point to another website, do you follow the link for more information?

Of course, what you open and take action upon depends on your current time available, interest and need.

We decided there are several pieces that must be in place before email marketing is effective.  Tune in below to hear and view the essential techniques.

Time Stamps:

11:45 – Beginning of Discussion
15:36 – Nancy’s response
15:26 – Jay’s response about blogging – the intent, CTA and conversion
20:50 – Jay’s response to email marketing – a personal conversation
23:33 – An example of an email campaign using Aweber
31:44 –  Website opt-in
34:51 – The funnel process
36:30 – Traffic analysis
39:12 – Keyword research
41:59 – Case Study blog coaching for Nancy

An Essential Blogging Tool

As mentioned in the video, it is important to find the keywords that people search for in order for your blog to be found.  Jaaxy is an awesome keyword search tool.
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