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Some time ago,  I came across a quotation by Rabbi Abraham Heschelt (as quoted by his daughter on CBC Radio) that gave me pause for reflection.  More recently, I have been searching for some inspiration in my work and realized it was right here, I had discovered it before –   Life as a work of art.

“Live your life as though it were a work of art, not a machine.”

And I could also say,  “Live your work as though it were a work of art, not a machine”

My Reflection

A work of art can mean many things to many people. What words come to mind when we think of a work of art? Here’s a few that came up for me:

        • inspiration
        • receptiveness
        • engagement
        • talent
        • creativity
        • excitement
        • connection
        • representation
        • joy
        • play and fun

How could I incorporate these into my life and my work? What would I need to do?

I could surely incorporate more play and fun into my work.

But as I look at these words, I can’t help but think that receptiveness is the really important one. If I’m in a receptive state of mind I’ll notice all that is beautiful in the world and its people, all the possibilities in myself and those around me and all that is joyful. What a great way to start the day!

To live life as a machine would mean being mechanical, on auto pilot, without flow and reflection, in a numb state of mind. This is just putting one foot ahead of the other, not the kind of day that one anticipates with joy.

How does one move from the mechanical to the work of art? If you have any thoughts about this, I’d enjoy hearing them.


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