Life As A Work of Art – A Reflection

Some time ago,  I came across a quotation by Rabbi Abraham Heschelt (as quoted by his daughter on CBC Radio) that gave me pause for reflection.  More recently, I have been searching for some inspiration in my work and realized it was right here, I had discovered it before –   Life as a work of art.

“Live your life as though it were a work of art, not a machine.”

And I could also say,  “Live your work as though it were a work of art, not a machine”

My Reflection

A work of art can mean many things to many people. What words come to mind when we think of a work of art? Here are a few that came up for me:

        • inspiration
        • receptiveness
        • engagement
        • talent
        • creativity
        • excitement
        • connection
        • representation
        • joy
        • play and fun

How could I incorporate these into my life and my work? What would I need to do?

I could surely incorporate more play and fun into my work.

But as I look at these words, I can’t help but think that receptiveness is the really important one. If I’m in a receptive state of mind I’ll notice all that is beautiful in the world and its people, all the possibilities in myself and those around me and all that is joyful. What a great way to start the day!

To live life as a machine would mean being mechanical, on autopilot, without flow and reflection, in a numb state of mind. This is just putting one foot ahead of the other, not the kind of day that one anticipates with joy.

How does one move from the mechanical to the work of art? If you have any thoughts about this, I’d enjoy hearing them.

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6 thoughts on “Life As A Work of Art – A Reflection”

  1. I love this quote! It is a wonderful concept for anyone who is contemplating their passion.

    How one moves from the mechanical to the work of art to me is about creating ritual. I have a friend in Indonesia who observes the flower offerings and rituals that are made each day. Here in the West we have rituals for the special occassions but many of us do not treat each day as a special or sacred day.

    Of course ritual can mean many different things: it could be writing in your journal, prayer or meditation, a walk in nature, or simply being grateful for all that comes into your life that day, without judging whether it is good or bad. It just simply is.

  2. Treating every day as a special or sacred day – lovely place to start.

    This suggests to me that every day, every moment must be lived with awareness and intention. No being in automatic pilot here.

  3. As Sadhguru – a Guru for me as well; would say (not exactly a quote – but…) : The Sun came up today without any issues. I am ALIVE and woke up this morning – there is a lot to be Grateful for.

    I am trying to give myself a big smile every time I remember these things.

    There is no guarantee that I would be able to remember these next time – no one has that guarantee for themselves.

    Again as Sadhguru says ‘Nothing in the Universe is by accident, every moment is inevitable – what you make of it is up to you.’

    If one is able to see everything just the way it is, without liking it or disliking it – one has become a Yogi.

    • Yes, it is all about the way we look at and see it. Realizing “It just is” is a huge evolutionary step forward. I love hearing your take on things Vivek.

  4. I think about the song from Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World”. I smile and sing along every time I hear it. It reminds me overtime about my own wonderful world, and all the blessings in it. Thanks, L/A.

    • You are so right Lynn. Music and great lyrics will surely do it. Look forward to chatting more on this.


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