On Being Found in LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been with us for a long time.  Many changes have occurred on the platform since I first published this “On Being Found on LinkedIn” blog post back in 2013.  Today I want to add some insights gained since then.

New Insights

  • In the past, we thought LinkedIn was more suited to job seekers.  Today many large and small businesses are finding great contacts there AND it’s really easy to connect and set up business conversations because of the enhanced messaging system.
  • Even if you have neglected your profile for a long time (as I did), it’s never too late to clean it up, make it current and play there more consistently.
  • Maybe you need some new branding.  You can post a new, fresh banner. It will tell you the size you need while making the change.
  • If you have changed your career/business focus, you can easily make amendments and move things around.  For example:  Volunteer Activity has been moved, so it makes sense to move it so that your most important work can be found more easily.  You might find Entrepreneurial Skills & Qualities helpful as you edit your profile.
  • LinkedIn allows you to post articles or link to blog posts now.  Gary Vee says we should be posting at least four pieces of content in LinkedIn per day.  Maybe that is way more than you have time for, but why not try once or twice per week to begin with?
  • It’s easy to get caught up with the changes.  You can do as I did: have someone do a Profile Audit.
  • You can listen in to my Success Circle called Make The Most Of LinkedIn (click here to visit the video) where participants get their questions answered by James Amarelo who does those Profile Audits.

Still True

This week I have been cruising my social media sites and am dismayed by the fact that so many people fail to do much with their LinkedIn profile – no picture and bare-bones information.  Recent conversations with clients about that reveals that there’s a lack of understanding about why the profile is important:

  • Did you know that many employers and HR departments are skipping the job posting method of recruitment and are going directly to LinkedIn to find candidates to interview?  This is much more efficient and less time/resource consuming for them.
  • Did you know that many business people are using LinkedIn instead of the traditional Rolodex?  Many LinkedIn business participants are reporting that people are finding and contacting them to do contract work.

This is a clear message that we need to expand our thinking.  We need to figure out how to be found.   Our LinkedIn profile must be complete and up-to-date and key-word-rich so that the viewer will find us and be sparked by what we have to offer and be moved to connect with us.

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Lowell Ann Fuglsang

Greetings from LowellAnn,

In my workstyle-lifestyle coaching work I love helping solopreneurs find direction, stay motivated and build systems that both support and promote their business. A great place to begin is the Solopreneur Evaluation Tool that will tell you where you need to put more time and energy.

7 thoughts on “On Being Found in LinkedIn”

  1. Good point, Lowell-Anne!
    I’ve made a real effort to have a complete profile, and include extras as well, like blog posts, books I have read, courses I’ve taken and so on. This past year I’ve been job hunting, and I know that HR people look at my profile. In fact, LinkedIn just wrote me a note to say that my profile is in the top most viewed… and I’ve got an interview for some contract work tomorrow from someone who viewed my profile. How do I know? LinkedIn told me. 🙂

    So folks, if you are doing the mid-career shift, DO complete your profile, DO spend time on LinkedIn, and DO add to your contacts list after every networking event.

    Best wishes,

    Catherine Novak

  2. Hi Lowell Ann, I really like your blog. In preparation to leave life in Japan and return to Canada, I’ve been looking for great people, to get to know in the Victoria area. We share an interest in career coaching and I would love to exchange ideas/advice. I think your network might find this free weekly motivational podcast to be helpful: http://www.thehappyroadahead.com. My husband and I will be in Victoria in July 2013. I’d love to connect to you on LinkedIn but had no mutual groups. Would you mind connecting to me on linkedIn? As a friend or other is fine! I’ll be watching for you. Thank you, Bonnie


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