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Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10

Price: Free Version allows up to 100 contacts.   Pro Versions according to the number of contacts.

Owners: Mad Mimi is owned by the GoDaddy company



I used the free Mail Chimp program for a number of years to cover my RSS feed for my blog posts.  I wrestled with this program, watching a variety of how-to videos – the site was just not intuitive and I spent way too much time trying to manage my lists and templates.  

Recently, I decided that I wanted to create a new promotional product that would send out ten modules – one after another. In the autoresponder world this is called a Drip Campaign.  I had the modules ready for a long time before taking further action because I knew it would be yet another learning curve just figuring out the upload.

Finally, I mentioned this in a Success Circle recently and someone suggested Mad Mimi.  I checked it out and was impressed with the initial view.  A clean, colourful site that I immediately liked and felt inclined to explore further.


What I love about it

  • The simplicity of the site.  A nice clean visual.
  • It’s affordable for a solopreneur
  • Form design and editing is easy – simply drag and drop
  • You can add things that you want to enhance your experience and all enhancement (such as Drips) are available for all price points.
  • Easy import of lists using a CSV format
  • Easy segmentation of lists based on contact behaviour.
  • Engagement stats – How many sent, accepted, viewed and engaged.

What was awkward

  • Discovering the best way to enter sign up forms on my website.
  • Realizing that the website form provided by the MadMimi official plugin was very minimalist and finding/paying for something better with Optin Cat plugin for an extra $39 US.  You can see the opt-in form at the bottom of this page.


Mad Mimi is suitable for your average Do It Yourselfer Solopreneur who has at least some internet/Wordpress savvy, but who has lots of other things to take care of and who has no patience for repeated learning curves.


Well I found several instructional videos to get me started. There’s a Help Area and a blog.  


Under the Help tab, you can start a live chat or send an email to Nurse Mimi which they say will be responded to within a few hours.  At this point (after importing my list, setting up RSS feed, and creating a 10 module Drip Campaign) I have not needed to contact them.


Pro allows for a sliding scale 500 contact = $10/m, 1,000 = $12/m – all the way up to 50,000 = $199/m.  Jumbo is for 100,00 to 350,000 contacts.


I love this Autoresponder and wish I had discovered it long ago.  

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