Maintaining Vitality

Third Age explorers need to examine the concept of self-renewal as a means of creating and maintaining vitality so that we stay active and engaged in the world around us.  Play and creativity are great places to explore in that regenerative exercise.

Regenerative activities are active, rather than passive, and therefore we need to move away from the television set toward Play and Creativity as suggested by Hudson’s fourth adult passion in The Adult Years – Mastering the Art of Self Renewal


Play tends to bring out the spontaneous child in us.  Having fun and laughter have long been known for their healing results. It is an  important aspect of happiness and health.  Engagement in games such as Bridge or online games in Twitch not only exercises the brain, but helps to maintain connection with friends and colleagues.  “Games”, says Albert Einstein, “are the most elevated form of investigation” and investigation can lead to wonderful discoveries that keep our curiosity active.  When is the last time you played a game with family or friends?  Ask your grandchildren what they are playing these days!


Creativity is way more than playing at crafts.  It has been defined as an interaction between a person, a process and a new product that observers agree is of value. It can also be described as an inner experience brought to an outer expression and is therefore seen as a central source of meaning in our lives.  The elements in the process of creativity make it a very stimulating pursuit:

  • Recognizing patterns
  • Making connections
  • Taking risks
  • Challenging assumptions
  • Taking advantage of chance
  • Seeing new ways



Tom Crockett in The Artist Insideprovides some enjoyable exercises for discovering your own form of creativity.


How are you expressing yourself?

Mindset Monday Challenge

Give some thought to Crockett’s introductory questions:

  • When was the last time you made music?
  • When did you last dance?
  • What was the last story you told?
  • When was the last time you engaged in the “work” of art?
  • How did you feel while engaged in these activities?


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