What You Need to Know About Your Prospects

Recent Google activity means that going forward, we will need to really understand our potential customers’ surfing and buying habits.  Google announced last year that unresponsive web sites would fall to the bottom of search results.  (A responsive site adjusts size to fit the device being used)  More recently, they have begun to place Google AMP pages above all others.  (Google AMP = Accelerated Mobile Pages. 
 AMP pages load faster on mobile because a lot of features have been stripped away)  Google Plus users have noticed that the new version is simpler and also more mobile-like.  And Google Apps for mobile are all stand alone and have a similar format (to reduce the learning curve for new users)  To understand more about Google AMP listen to Michael Stelzner’s podcast here   

What does all this tell us? That Google is placing more & more importance on the mobile user.  And Google isn’t alone.  Twitter and LinkedIn are all on board with Google, while Facebook has their new Instant Articles..  And what does this mean for the average business owner with a website?  It means we must carefully analyze our target market if we want to reach them.

A review of some recent Canadian statistics helped confirm the need to review and rethink my marketing strategy:

  • Smartphone ownership increased by 24{b7e7048532d1a8624ac961ac8cb7ac8430a1a69fc3cc1e773ca58fd467a5e49b} in one year (2014-2015)
  • 55{b7e7048532d1a8624ac961ac8cb7ac8430a1a69fc3cc1e773ca58fd467a5e49b} of Canadians owned a smartphone in in 2015
  • Three categories to watch changing habits:  On the Go, At home and At Work
  • For more details see Catalyst
  • User breakdown Men 52.1{b7e7048532d1a8624ac961ac8cb7ac8430a1a69fc3cc1e773ca58fd467a5e49b}  Women 48.3{b7e7048532d1a8624ac961ac8cb7ac8430a1a69fc3cc1e773ca58fd467a5e49b}  (eMarketer)
  • Google’s research shows that the smartphone gets used 150 times per day by owners.
  • Most research indicates that assumptions made based on demographics are shifting quickly.

 What You Need To Know About Your Prospects

  1. What devices do they use? and for what purpose?
  2. How do they respond to what Google calls Micro Moments?
    • I want to know
    • I want to go
    • I want to do
    • I want to buy
  3. How active are they on social media and what device do they use for that?
  4. What SM platforms do they access?
  5. Do they prefer reading blogs, watching videos, or listening to podcasts?
  6. What are their buying habits?
  7. What do they look for? When?
  8. What do they know already?
  9. What is their state of mind?
Our challenge is to know the answers to all of the above about our potential customers and to be there when they are looking.  “Being there” means being just one click away.  And the click must be simple and straight forward and it must load in under 30 seconds.  Solopreneurs will need to find creative ways to market their products and services on their website.  As Michael Stelzner said “the freight train is coming.”

Mindset Monday Challenge:

 First look at your own mobile habits and determine what you need to learn.  Then develop a strategy for discovering the answers to all those questions above.  Then join the experimentation game that we will all be playing.
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