New Approach To Creating Courses On Your Website

This post will introduce a new approach to creating courses on your website using tools you likely have access to right now AND without additional cost.

Right up front…now …Just know that I am asking for your objective feedback.

The Background

As you may have read in my last post My Steep Learning Curve, from months ago, I expended a huge amount of money and time learning to use a popular WordPress PlugIn called LearnDash.  There were lots of things that I liked about it, but as stated in that post, there were also difficulties I was never able to solve.  And I finally packed it in and requested and received a refund.

So, I proceeded to delete all those months work while saving the content for future use.  Now I must decide how I will present three courses without my visitor having to leave my website.  (My website coach has always promoted the concept of using your own real estate rather than parking on someone else’s)

What To Try Next

I had an online conversation with one of my Success Circle colleagues who is a talented programmer and very knowledgeable in the use of all Google products, Vivek RaoWe began to speculate that just maybe we could create a course using Google Docs and Google Forms.  So we spent a few sessions together setting things up using the content from my course How To Find My Passion.  This also meant that I needed to create a landing page where my courses can be found and paid for.   

Having learned from my previous mistakes, I decided to create and post just one course to begin and ask my list members to go to the site and give it a try.  Based on their experience, I might want to tweak the process or find another approach altogether. Now, this is real experimentation!  

The New Approach

(Note:  If you are not a techie geek, you can pass over this if you wish)

We began by setting up each module in a Google Doc including all the links and visuals. Then we created a Google Form for each module.  Inside Word Press, we created a Page for each module and embedded the Doc and the Form. The Doc gives you the module content, while the Form asks you to provide your name and email as well as your response to a question.  The Form then sends the participant an automatic message providing a link to the next module, while also recording the data into a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet provides an easy way to track the progress of each participant.  The code behind the spreadsheet determines the email content.  

How You Can Help

First, let me say that if you take the time to go through the course and provide me with your feedback, it would be most appreciated.

This first course has five modules only and reading through will not require a lot of your time.  You will be asked to provide very short answers in order to move through the modules but I kept this as simple as possible, yet useful I’m hoping. 

Take These Steps

  1. Visit the landing page.   You can see it here Business Courses OnlineClick the button Let’s Get Started 
  2. On the Registration Page titled How To Find My Passion, provide your name and email.  
  3. Expect to receive the first email that will give you a link to Module One.  
  4. Work your way through all five modules.  
  5. On the final module, you will be asked to answer the question “What conclusion has arisen for you?”   I’m interested in knowing whether the content helped you and what insights you might have gained. Following the answer to this question, you will be taken to a Congratulations page.  
  6. Provide some feedback by completing the Feedback Form below.

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