On Being Reactive Versus Proactive

On Being in Reactive Mode

We put things aside to do later, and then later never comes. Other things crowd in and first thing we know, we are not achieving much of anything but just busy work that is in reactive mode. We fill our days this way and feel we have no control over our work or life. Sound familiar? Most of us have been there many times.

On Moving into Proactive Mode

How can we reverse this state of affairs? How can we get back to that pro-active place where we are working on the things that are important to us?

First – close your office door (or if you don’t have one, find a quiet place where there are no interruptions) and take some reflective time. I know, I hear you saying “I’m too busy to take this time”. And I reply, “If you want a change you have to choose it.”

Now, do some thinking and writing about what you truly want in your life. Create a new Life Vision. Include the following topics:

· Personal image

· Career

· Home

· Family

· Health

· Relationships

· Community

· Money & tangibles

· Personal development (hobbies, reading, travel, learning, etc.)

· Life purpose

Coaching Questions to Stimulate Reflection About Your Life & Work

  1. Reflect on your value system. What qualities are most important to you?
  2. Are these values reflected in your Life Vision?
  3. How would your life be impacted by these values?
  4. How would your organization be impacted?
  5. Decide what future you intend to create. Look at your current situation and decide on one or two actions to take to help you get back on track.
  6. Then notice how you are feeling, now that you have a renewed vision and know that this is Personal Mastery!

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