Overcoming Business Exhaustion – LowellAnn Fuglsang

If you are finishing up this busy overloaded summer and not feeling the usual September excitement and anticipation, you may need to reflect on overcoming business exhaustion.  Is this small business burnout?

Are experiencing any of the following?

  • Always tired – too tired in the evening to do anything but watch TV
  • Depressed, discouraged and disappointed
  • A dulled feeling, numb
  • Feeling drained, spent
  • No enthusiasm
  • Seeing no possibilities
  • Going through the motions but getting nowhere
  • Working harder and longer
  • Resisting change
  • Not sleeping well

It can sometimes creep up on us before we know it. Then we find ourselves asking “How has this happened to me?”

Here are some typical reasons Small Business Burnout happens:

  • Living with overwhelm, isolation and frustration for too long
  • Constantly giving, being drained by others
  • Neglecting oneself; being out of touch with our own needs
  • Failing to set and/or keep boundaries
  • Our vision feels stale
  • Losing sight of our WHY

 Strategies for recharging our business batteries:

  1. Delegate everything you can.
  2. Take a break (temporary or permanent).
  3. Get some rest. Connect with nature.
  4. Turn off the computer and TV.
  5. Have some conversation with someone you care about.
  6. Expose yourself to new ideas and possibilities.
  7. Re-frame negative ideas.
  8. Renew your mission, values, and principles. Write them down.
  9. Go back to basics. Begin again. Set a new vision.
  10. Find a compatible coach to help with setting a new vision.  See Why You Need A Business Coach
  11. Revise intentions.
  12. Write, discuss, learn.
  13. Try a creative outlet (art, music, dance, etc) for a change of perspective
  14. Take a retreat-type workshop

Mindset Monday Challenge

  • What is the one business thing that gives you incredible joy?
  • What would your life be like if you were experiencing that incredible joy every day?
  • Brainstorm all the ways you can think of that will bring that joy to life and work.


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This Mindset Monday post is presented by LowellAnn Fuglsang, Business and Career Coach, especially for solopreneurs.

In my workstyle-lifestyle coaching work I love helping solopreneurs find direction, stay motivated and build systems that both support and promote their business. One support that I like to emphasize for them is the Google experience.  Two great places to begin are my Weekly Being Your Own CEO Success Circle and The Portable Business Coach (a tool that will tell you where you need to put more time and energy)

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