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Solopreneurs express their sense of overwhelm in a variety of ways, but there is no doubt that we all experience it sometime.  Many procrastinate, putting off tasks or roles they find unpleasant, others rush off to take yet another course because they feel uncertain about doing a task for the first time, still others can’t make decisions because there so many tasks and roles they don’t know where to begin.  This piece will introduce a new tool, The Portable Business Coach, that will help solopreneurs deal with their overwhelm.
Over my years as a coach, the topic comes up quite regularly and I’ve written about overcoming overwhelm several times in the past:
  1.  Dealing with Stress and Overwhelm – Here I give some techniques for dissipating stress.
  2. Overwhelm  – A Cause of Procrastination – Explains why procrastination occurs and gives instruction for journaling and reflection as a way to get moving.
  3. Overcoming Business Exhaustion –  Explores how burnout creeps in when there is too much focus on work.
 Recently after assisting a solopreneur analyze the state of her business in a half day in-person coaching session (Get Focused, Get To Work) I noticed the resulting resolve the exploration brought her.  She went away with an energy and a clarity about next steps that she sure didn’t have before the exercise.
I began to ponder how I could bring this beneficial experience to solopreneurs who have limited time and funds available.  What if they had a tool that would give them clarity around where their time and energy needs to be focused right now?  They could move forward in their business without that feeling of overwhelm and confusion.  So I developed something NEW.

 The Portable Business Coach

 I’ve created a 30 min evaluation session for solopreneurs that they experience on line.  When all the questions are completed, they receive a personal record to use as a focus guide for the immediate future.  After all, the best way to deal with overwhelm is to get clear about what’s the most important task for right now.

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