Positive Relationships in Business

In everyday life, we need the human touch of friendships.

Some very close ones and some more casual; they make us feel like we belong to our communities.

 How do we make friends?

There seems to be a progression:  From an introduction and handshake with a smile and direct eye contact to some casual social contact , to more usual and intense social contact to introduction to our close friends and family.  In this progression we are watching for and showing some very important qualities.  Is there honesty, ethics, generosity and social grace?
In the business world we watch for reasons to trust and connect with people so that there is an action of some sort.  We look for those same qualities and when we find them, we do business, make referrals and share information.
I’ve been watching how relationships develop on Google Plus and observe it’s basically the same.  This is not marketing, initially it’s just making business friends.  This week please think about how you want to make friends on the net.  How will you enact those qualities?  Choose one platform and devote the time and caring.
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