Procrastination Definition

It’s Monday – What should I focus on this week?

How long has this “should” been around?

If it’s just now and you are ready to get to it. Well, do just that – “Get to it”

But if it’s been around for a while, maybe it’s time to have a look at procrastination.

Procrastination Definition

There are lots of reasons that people procrastinate (see my free e-book link above for a procrastination definition)

But what about you right here, right now?

Sometimes we need to just let it simmer for a bit. Are you stuck in knowing mode? Are you in that place where you need to become clear on why it should be done? Can you visualize what it should look like? What impact will the completion of this “should” have? This is what I call being in your right brain and creating the vision or objective.

Now it’s time to move your thinking into the doing or left brain mode. You want to decide how it should be done. What is the one step that would put this should into motion? Does it feel less daunting to just take that first step? Now, carry on one more step at a time. Before you know it your should is now complete. How does that feel? Is this your best day of the week?

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