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Solopreneurs need a marketing system that is simple, consistent and inexpensive to run and maintain. Larger companies use what is known as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to take care of both the marketing/sales process as well as customer service.  Solopreneurs need only track their prospecting activities since their customer service is straight forward and much simpler; so they need only a prospect management tool.  We can name it  Prospect Relationship Management (PRM)

Activities To Track

What kind of information do we need to track?  I modified the steps in the sales process for people I meet at local and on-line business mixers:
  1. Awareness – Does the prospect know about you?
  2. Branding – Does the prospect know what your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is?  Your service and its benefits.
  3. Meeting – Coffee date or Hangout date to get acquainted and determine interest
  4. Need Discovered – Do you know that pain or need your prospect is experiencing that you can fix?
  5. Consultation – Is your prospect comfortable with you. your cost, safety, beliefs?  Have you qualified each other?
  6. Purchase – Sign agreement, arrange first session, invoice, payment, receipt – a smooth running process
  7. Follow Up – Feedback when service is complete.  Stay in Touch Plan.  Ask for referrals.


Tracking this information ensures that I am getting a return on my mixer time and expense and it allows me to review and evaluate my process so that improvements can be made.


Now that I’m clear about what I need to track; how will I do this?  Do I go with a heavy duty CRM like Sales Force or Maximizer?  For a solo enterprise that would be expensive overkill.  What other options are there?
  • Keep it very simple and just use Google Contacts with enhancement like Rapportive and Boomerang
  • Try one of the apps that work with Outlook or Google Contacts like  Zoho or Insightly
  • Try designing a Trello (to do & project management) Board


It makes sense to use a platform that I already know how to use and something that can be easily managed from a smart phone.  I use Evernote for a variety of purposes, so I began thinking about its possibilities.  I have been experimenting with the business card scan and find that it works quite easily.  Is there a way to expand on that?


My Google research took me to some very useful videos on a variety of ways to use Evernote.  Steve Dotto and Brooks Duncan are good sources of general information, but I found something very specific about a business card  work flow here: and I decided to test the process.

Here’s a quick summary:

  1. With your phone, take a picture of a business card within Evernote and save it to a Business Card Notebook
  2. Create another notebook called LEADS
  3. Move cards from the Business Card Notebook to LEADS Notebook when you decide it’s a prospect worth pursuing.
  4. Rename the card in the Title – ACTIVE-Date-Name  Later in the process, you change the name using IDLE or DEAD.
  5. Create a new note for recording sales process activity (above) and use the Merge function to link the two cards together.


There are more details provided by Stacy Harmon and Kristi Willis in their great video.  Be sure to navigate to their Google Plus +GetUntetheredBook site and subscribe to their You Tube Channel if you want to learn more about Evernote.


Your task for this week is to decide on and create a process for Prospect Relationship Management.  Will it be a stand alone, Google Contacts, Trello, or Evernote?  Use the platform you already know to reduce the learning time.
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