Recipe for Success

So you can’t stand the job-job any longer.   Don’t quit just yet!  Following is a recipe for success if you think Being Your Own CEO is for you:


  • Right Reasons
  • Passion & Drive
  • Definition of Success
  • Support
  • Experimentation
  • Vision
  • Sounding Board


  1. Make certain you are selecting your new path for the right reasons.  Why do you want this path?  Get out your journal and write down everything that comes to mind.  This is a great way to sort out your own thinking.   Or, work with an objective Coach who will ask all the right questions.  Be sure this is not just an escape from an unpleasant situation.  There may be other options and a good Coach can help you discover them and select the best for you.  Starting a New Business
  2. Make sure you will be doing something you just love doing.  Often the learning process is stimulating and enjoyable; but once it’s learned, it could become a bore.  Know that as a solopreneur, your work must always be on your mind.  This is what Coaches call The Passion.  An overused concept now, but there is still truth in it.
  3. Make sure you have the Drive to put in the long hours.  Make no mistake, there will be long hours if you are successful.  The Drive comes from the joy of inspiration and desire to achieve something that is very important to you.
  4. Consider your life situation.  Know that your new path can impact the lives of your loved ones.  Look at each of your roles (spouse, parent, caregiver, community member) and have conversations with the people that will be affected.  Do you have their support?  It’s very difficult to sustain the drive when someone close thinks you should be doing something else.  What household shifts will be needed?Conversation
  5. Make sure you love and are comfortable with uncertainty and experimentation.  This means that you know there are many ways to achieve your end goal and you alone will need to find the ones that work.
  6. Be clear about your definition of success and the importance you place on it.  Evaluate and explore the emotion behind your plan. Remember that the desire and passion mean that you are putting your emotions into your chosen path.   Allow yourself to tap into that emotion constantly and remember it’s not all about meeting goals and making the almighty dollar.
  7. Define and write down your Vision for the future.  It’s what you come back to when you get mired in the detail of everyday business.Success
  8. Be your own sounding board with a business journal or find a Business Coach.  Don’t expect your spouse to fulfil this role, s/he can never be objective.

Mindset Monday Challenge

Spend some time reflecting on your passion for doing what you are doing right now.  Are changes in order?
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