Recording Your Canva Presentation

This is an experiment. I wanted to see just how recording your Canva presentation would work when it is embedded into a blog post. We reviewed this presentation in the Success Circle this week along with some screenshots of the back end of Canva.

Here’s What I Discovered

You can create visually beautiful presentations in Canva and you can choose to present and record your voice. If you use a green screen, as I do, your face ends up with a little green circle in the bottom left. There is no option for changing the colour of your background. You are given an embed code that you can use to post on your website; however, that provides the presentation without your voice. You can download the MP4 that includes your voice but uploading a video file to your website, is not a good idea.

So I have chosen a workaround that allowed me to provide the presentation recording without compromising the speed of website loading.

The Process I Followed

  • In Canva, select a presentation template
  • Set up your Brand Kit (colours, fonts and heading style) for use as you are creating
  • Make the visual changes you desire to each slide ( add your brand logo to each slide, change the image, change the colours)
  • Add your own content (headings and text)
  • Add your verbal reminders to Notes
  • Select Present and Record ( set up the use of your camera and mic)
  • Download the MP4 to your own system
  • Upload your MP4 to youTube and save either the video url or the embed code (depending on what you theme requires)
  • In your blog post block embed your YouTube video

Important Considerations

The things to consider if you choose up to upload the MP4 directly into the post:: – speed of upload would be the most important. And how it comes across on mobile. If you see this please let me know how it worked for you.

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