Relationship Networking

As solopreneurs, we know that we must be “out there” in order to ensure our prospects know about us and want to do business with us.

 In fact, a recent poll taken by friend and colleague Sue Ferriera indicated the biggest concern for Facebook entrepreneurs is still marketing.  But how does one do that from a home office?  Is it enough to post something on Facebook now and again?   Does it work to plaster Google Plus with pretty looking ads?  NO!  We must create and nurture relationships on a personal level so that we are making that old adage “business success is all about who you know” become real.  Isolation is the plague of all solopreneurs.  We must find a variety of ways to get to know people on a business-personal level.  This is what I call Relationship Networking.

When You Think About Networking

Do you feel like an extrovert when you think about networking?  Well it’s taken me a few years to get to that point.  

  • I’ve observed a lot in my years in business and I read lots about it too.
  • Over the years I’ve belonged to numerous business organizations and I belong to 3 networking MeetUps here in Victoria right now.
  • I’ve noticed that there are some principles that always apply whether you network in person or on-line.

You may agree that successful networking is an important component of business success;  but you may have been thinking that it’s something you would rather put off?  Or you may have attended a few and come away with a sinking feeling that it was a waste of time..

I put together some things to help you feel more confident in the future.  This is the first in a series about how relationship networking works, presented in bite-sized pieces.  Over the coming weeks I will cover the following.


  • Networking in general
  • Things to consider before we even think about networking
  • Preparation before an event
  • At the event
  • Post event
  • Building your network
  • On-line networking

Mindset Monday Challenge

Reflect on the past year and decide on one word that describes your networking activities over the past year in business. Is that something that needs some attention in 2017?   Engage in this conversation by adding your thoughts and observations in the comments below.

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