Welcome to my archive of resources for solopreneurs, offered with the hope that they will find some inspiration and knowledge here.  Simply click on the title and a PDF document will open for you.

Especially For The Solopreneur

Social Strategy -Template for Creating a Social Media Strategy.

Biz Mates Mind Map – Who should your business partners be?

Starting A Business – A checklist with many Canadian resources.

Business Profile Mind Map – A visual picture of all the aspects of being in business.

Networking Like An  Extrovert – A presentation I gave at the Yellowknife Business & Professional Women’s Trade Show.

Trade Show Essentials – Trade Shows are a great way to raise awareness about your business in your community.  This e-Book is in a workbook style that allows you to record your decisions as you make them.  A must for trade show planning.

Sustainability Mind Map – Defines the three pillars of sustainability.

Target Client Template – Ready for completion

Hudson’s Core Values – A Summary of his book

Career & Life

Procrastinator’s Guide – e-Book to help you understand why you procrastinate.

Career Fulfillment Test – Some questions to help you decide for sure.  Is it, or isn’t it?

Fulfilling Career Mind Map – Defines my thinking about what it takes to be happy in a job.

Life-Balance Wheel – A tool to help discover what needs some work right now.  Assign a score 0-10 and record it on the wheel.

Kick Start Your Career – An article I wrote for the NWT Department of Education Career Newsletter.  It’s a good reminder to step back for a wider angle view of your career.

Coaching Tips for a Balanced Work/Life – My tips for creating a healthy work/lifestyle.

28 Principles of Attraction – From the creator of coaching Thomas Leonard’s book The Portable Coach – 28 Sure-fire Strategies for Business and Personal Success.  A great personal development exercise is to take each principle and journal your thoughts, feelings and plans.

Employee Satisfaction – Here’s a questionnaire to help you gain clarity about how you feel about your job.

Values Exercise – A tool to help you become clear on your values

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