Self Care During the Holiday

I have always found the month of December a stressful one.  While it is usually great fun to attend all the extra events and connect with friends and family, I am often left in a state of overload.  I need to remind myself that I will need to recharge my batteries.  That means taking a block of time just for me.  So what shall I do with this time?  Here’s my brainstormed list, in no particular order.

  • Walk the beach at sunrise with my fitness partner Robyn;
  • Turn off all external noise and dive into a juicy novel;
  • Spend an afternoon sewing;
  • Dig out all my CDs and listen to a few that I haven’t heard for a few years;
  • Work up a vision board for the coming year;
  • Make a list of all that I am grateful for;
  • Write a long chatty letter to an old friend – better still, phone her;
  • Take a photographic walk.  Choose a theme to guide the choices;
  • Meditate in a tranquil place – beach, forest, garden;
  • Spend the afternoon trying a fancy recipe – no deadline of course;
  • Reflect on the past year and journal my observations;
  • Sleep all afternoon.

As I review this list, the realization comes that I need to find opportunities to do these things regularly.  How often do we take individual time to do just what we feel like – Whatever the spirit moves us to do.

What will your spirit move you to do over the holiday?

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