Social Media is Like a Foreign Land

Recently I decided it was time to expand my social media reach and am working my way through Twitter Power 3.0 by Dave Taylor and Joel Comm.  A new social media platform feels like a foreign land.  So I began to think on how I would proceed.
If I love the romance of going to live in a foreign land and have decided to move, here’s what I would no doubt do:

  • Begin by knowing that this will take time and attention
  • Research and decide where I want to go
  • Learn the history and culture
  • Learn the language
  • Learn the laws
  • Find out how to get there what is needed to stay there
  • Talk to people who have been there
  • Once there, be respectful
  • Just observe from the sidelines for a while
  • Make friends one at a time
  • Relax and enjoy, absorb the experience
It ‘s really the same process for starting out on any social media platform.  Are you prepared to spend the time and attention?  What would you hope to gain from the exeprience?