Solopreneur Reputation

This is Part Four of the Relationship Networking series.  Today we examine how solopreneur reputation is a key factor in the business marketing plan. Your reputation is the general belief or opinion that others have about you and it has a large impact on your ability to attract clients.

Relationship Networking -Essential to Marketing Plan

  • Know that most business comes from word of mouth and referrals.  This means that networking and reputation are very important aspects of our marketing plan.
  • Membership in networking organizations can be quite costly – both in cash and in time, so we want to ensure that Return On Investment  is there.  
  • Results are hard to track because the results are often not immediate.  For this reason, a lasting positive reputation is key.
  • Your marketing plan should address how you plan on establishing your business relationships as well as how to nurture them.
  • We must remember that everyone prefers to do business with people they know, like and trust.  This means that our personal reputation is something to pay close attention to.

Rating reputation

 Developing Your Reputation

  • be sharp
  • be prompt
  • be trustworthy
  • be honest
  • be responsible
  • be approachable
  • be interested
  • be courteous
  • be prepared
  • be appropriate
  • be discriminating
  • be valuable
  • be accountable
  • be a listener

My goodness this is a daunting list!    Well let’s just simply say “Be the kind of person you would want to meet.” Consider First Impressions!  What impression are you creating?  Decide to make other people comfortable.  Be the first to put out your hand for a handshake.  Say your name even if you think the person should know it – just in case they are struggling to recall.  SMILE and look them right in the eye.

Mindset Monday Challenge

How do you define and exhibit all those “be’s” above?  Is there something you need to do differently?

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