Spring Cleaning for Your Business

Well it’s spring here in Victoria BC and with it comes our need to clean up after a long winter.  In my household, I’ve been busy cleaning windows, painting, preparing the balcony for planting and cleaning carpets.  I want to have everything ship-shape so that I can enjoy the coming wonderful sunny warm weather.  It occurred to one of my Hangout participants (thank you Paull Murray) that we should also consider spring cleaning for your business.  Following our discussion I took notes that I share here with you:

 Your Computer

  • Remove old apps and programs that you no longer use
  • Move the data that you think “I might need this someday” to a data stick and store away safely.
  • De-clutter and organize your desktop and remove anything not used very regularly.
  • Clean out your in-box
  • Re-organize labels in your mail program
  • Clean your keyboard, mouse and monitor(s)

The Business

  • Take a day and review your business model – is there something that needs to be dropped or added?
  • Look for opportunities to simplify
  • Decide if there is some activity that could be delegated to a Virtual Assistant
  • Toss & shred any paper that is older that seven years
  • Devise a more efficient way of keeping track of items for the taxman (e.g. with smart phone photograph receipts and save to Evernote; use a smart phone app to record mileage)
  • Find a way to get some honest feedback from clients and makes some changes
  • Plan your week according to themes so that like activities are grouped together (Thanks to Mike Vardy for this one)
  • Mechanize activities that are taking up a lot of your time. e.g. a scheduling app to take care of appointments
  • Re-arrange your office to give you a fresh view.
  • Get the carpet and furniture cleaned.
  • Take everything off desks and bookcases and clean

Your Website

  • Make your home page more appealing – give it a new look.
  • Make sure that all updates have been done.
  • Ensure that all plugins are being used and delete those that are not needed.
  • Review your security needs and decided whether you need an SSL designation
  • Do a careful analysis of what is working and what needs improvement (using Google Analytics)
  • Is it time to add another capability (e.g. Pay Pal buttons)
  • All of this section was suggested by Jay Neil

 Mindset Monday Challenge 

Block off some time to look at the efficiency of your work and take action.  If this looks too daunting, find a business coach to help you.   See my Get Focused-Get to Work Session 
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