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Title:  Jan. 02-2018 – Website SEO – Yoast                                          and All-In-One

Summary:   Maximum number of characters for Meta Title is 50-60. Best to aim for 55. Meta Description maximum has been increased from 165 to 320. Best to aim for 250 – 275. Yoast SEO places the first lines of your post into the description but you can open the Edit Snippet and change to what you want to show up in the SERPs. Make it look better by using Camel Case for each significant word. Use only one important keyword per posting.

There are times when an old posting should be simply updated with new info and visuals; yet there are other times an old post should be revamped and the publish date changed to today. Then there are other times when it makes sense to create a new post and refer back to the old one. All depends on the situation.

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Title:  Dec. 19-2017 – How To Target Your                                          Website Effectively


Websites now have to be simple and clean because too much will not work for mobile. Audiences are doing a lot of their pinpoint searches from their smartphones. Landing pages need to laser focused. Websites must load quickly – within 3 seconds – otherwise searchers will find somewhere else to get what they want. Test your site speed here:

Page Speed on WordPress is determined by four things:
1. The theme and how will it is coded
2. The quality of images – they need to be compressed. You can get a plugin to handle this or manipulate images yourself using Canva.
3. The number of plugins being used. Suggested no more than five if there is a lot of traffic to the site. Important to research plugins well because some are resouce hogs or have not been updated.
4. Hosting Speed – is slower if you are on a shared server rather than a single IP.

Take care of SEO
Make certain that Google can find you. Pay attention to title, meta description and key words. (two plugins Yoast SEO or All-In One SEO). List your site map on Google Search Console

Title:  Dec. 12-2017 – All About Niche                                                   Research


Niche defined: A distinct segment of a market. Anything with an audience. A group of people on-line that share an interest, a passion, a need or a want.

A service niche may be less focused than a product niche. Best to keep website niche focus as narrow as possible. Gone are the days when websites were filled with visuals and products & services.

Doing the research: 1. Brainstorm the needs /wants of you target client. 2. Go to Google Search to see what is already there. Are people looking for what you are offering? 3. Go to Amazon and look at the categories and trending items. Does anything there fit your audience needs/wants? 4. Do some keyword research. Find some keywords that have a high traffic score and a low competition score.  Give Jaaxy a try for keyword research.

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Title: Dec. 5-2017 – Affiliate Links And How                                     To Position Them

Summary:  Placement of affiliate links is dependent on your niche. If it’s a tangible product, the links should be very obvious though after you have generated interest. On the other hand, in a service niche links need to be more subtle. Some observations:
* It’s great to actually see the cover of the book you are quoting from in your blog.
* A shopping list is helpful to accompany some service niches showing the tools used (see
* Some blogs are intended for holiday shopping and therfore can contain many very obvious links to gift ideas.
* Some suggested plugins for WP – InstalLegalPages for adding policy and disclaimer pages – Genius Link for adding links that work across any country, store, device.

It was noted that Amazon rules have been changing. A recent policy decision is that the following quote must be posted on the site: “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites”

You can add your affiliate link to any page by adding ?tag=YOURAFFILIATEID-20

thumbnaThumbnail for Amazon Affiliate-A Beginner's Guideil

Title: Nov. 28-2017 – Amazon Affiliate-A                                              Beginner’s Guide 

Summary:  Steps- Sign up at and wait till accepted. Then sign up for, uk, etc. Then find ‘One Link’ that ties them all together. You get a piece of code to place on your website. This ensures that you get commissions from all the locations that your visitors might be purchasing from. The affiliate link cookie to a product on Amazon lasts for one day only. Important not to grab images from the merchandise page, but to use the links provided (text only, image, text & Image) especially for Affiliates.

ThumbnailThumbnail for Twitch Exploration

Title:  Nov. 21-2017 – Twitch Exploration

Summary:  Twitch was originally a platform solely for gamers who wanted to watch, chat and connect with their tribe – videos disappeared after two or three days (a feature appreciated by youthful subscribers) It was acquired by Amazon and has been expanded to include the Creative Community (artists, musicians, etc). Users can live stream for up to eight hours straight. Site has a store with Twitch swag and is connected to Amazon Prime. Business application: connect with a unique audience not found elsewhere.

Thumbnail for Tips on Presenting Yourself

Title:  Nov. 14-2017 – Tips on Presenting Yourself

Summary:  Important to introduce yourself with a strong, confident voice. This brings up trust for the listener. Your first connection with others in the networking face to face world is to get people talking about themselves because that’s where they are. When giving an elevator pitch to a group, it must be in relation to what the listener needs, not about you. Important to
know your audience so that your language is chosen appropriate to the group. Elevator pitch on a website must feel like an invitation to a conversation.

Thumbnail for Lightstream- Let's Take A Look

Title: Nov. 7-2017 – Lightstream – Let’s Take A Look

Summary:  Lightstream seems to be geared toward gamers but has a great deal of potential for Live Streams in that it consolidates everything into one dashboard and thus eliminating the need for two or more screens. It will stream and record to YouTube, Facebook or Twitch automatically. Similar to OBS but much more user friendly and uses less computer resources.. Eventually an embed code will be available so that Lightstream can be hosted on our website using the WordPress VCP Plugin.


Thumbnail for G-mail Efficiency

Title: Oct. 31-2017 – G-mail Efficiency

Summary:  We value G-mail for a variety of reasons: watching what marketers are doing, running our business, staying in touch with our important people. We try to limit the amount of time we have to spend there so turning off notifications is recommended to avoid distraction from the important activities. Making the shift from other e-mail clients such as Outlook takes a different way of thinking and processing (moving away from Folders toward Archiving – recognizing the awesome Search capability) Useful features: Stars, Flags, Filters, Labels, sorting Tabs, adding sender’ info to contact list, accessing G Hangout conversations, sending items to Tasks. Some useful G-mail Apps: Boomerang for sending messages a chosen time, WiseStamp for creating great Signatures, Shift for swapping between several g-mail accounts, Chrome extension for sending links in an e-mail message.

Thumbnail for About Google Forms

Title:  Oct. 24-2017 – About Google Forms

Summary:  Lots of different ways to use Google Forms: Registrations, Client Intake, Application for a Service, Surveys, Business Audit, Needs Determination, Tests & Quizzes, Course Evaluations, Contact form on website instead of plugins. User friendly and simple to create. Easy sharing via e-mail, link,and embed.

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Title:  Oct. 17-2017 – Importance of Testing

Summary:  Software developers must test to ensure they are meeting expectations set up by their adverts. User acceptance and ease of access critical because if user gets discouraged will just leave and getting them back is almost impossible. Important to take learning styles (audio, visual, kinesthetic) into account when developing software or websites. For websites, important to conduct CTA (Call To action) button testing but also Page titles, button placement, CTA verbiage. This the best way to really get to know your audience – this is your competitive advantage, knowing the psychology of their behaviour. A/B testing involves a baseline control and then changing only one metric to determine what works best. provides great tools for this purpose.

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Title: Oct. 10-2017 – The Psychology of Pricing

Summary:  What’s the difference between $97 and $100? The number of digits is the main one. Fewer digits connotes less expensive. What happens when the price is set at $99? Only one more number in the counting process. Most important is the perceived value.  Jay says “your price needs to be forgettable” In other words, if the need/want is great, consumer won’t remember the price.

Then there’s the lower price that allows one to think “what can I lose? X number of coffees?”

Sideways sales process – the price is only mentioned at the end after several videos that cover the problem, the solution, seeing people experiencing the solution, and here’s how you life can change for the better.

If your client is focusing on price, it means they are not sufficiently convinced or they really have no money.

Vendor must try their prices out to see what actually works.

Thumbnail for Price versus Value - An Exploration

Title: Oct. 3-2017 – Price vs. Value – An Exploration

Summary:  Value is a right-brained concept. It is determined by the consumer according to what it does for them. Does it connect emotionally? Does it solve a problem or a need? Is it something that will be used continually? This is usually easier to determine for tangibles. If it’s a service, the experience/knowledge of the provider, the ease in process, time required of the user and end results are all important considerations.

Price is more left brained. Many factors come into play: What is the demand for the product/service? What is the going rate? What will the market bear? What is the perceived value of the product/service by the consumer? What are the operating costs associated? For services the degree of provider involvement comes into play – DIY, DWM, DFM (Do It Yourself, Do It With Me, Do If For Me)

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Title: Sept. 26-2017 – The Value of Offering Freebies

Summary:  Does offering freebies keep your audience engaged? Hopefully.

Do audiences look for freebies on the web? There is a belief that everything should be accessible to everyone on the web, but they are not searching for deals. Most are looking for information or a solution to a problem.

Why do on-line businesses offer items at no cost?
* To start the attention, trust, want process
* To educate audiences on our product/service
* To build reputation by offering our best stuff
* To offer a gift that may lead to a want/need
* To offer support to the DIY group with the knoweldge that some will get discouraged and ask for help they are willing to pay for.
* To initiate personal engagement with individuals
* To exchange something of value for an e-mail address

There is a danger that something offered as “free” will be interpreted as having no value

Thumbnail for Google Plus circles, Communities & Collections

Title:  Sept. 19-2017 – Google+ Circles, Communities and Collections

Summary:  G+ Circles, Communities & Collections – Are they useful for business? Or have they become ineffective? Why do people join communities? Their decision to join is related to questions they have. What keeps them there is the usefulness of the content and atmosphere of inclusion. Many solopreneurs simply post to Public or personal Circles because they believe they get Google Juice from doing so. The question is still there: Why bother? Especially if you are looking for real engagement.
To gain benefit from them, businesses that are posting must do so with constancy. Audience also must participate with constancy. Best to choose one platform and do it well rather than spreading energy and time too thin.

Thumbnail for Paid Promotion-How does it work?

Title: Sept. 12-2017 – Paid Promotion-How does it work?

Summary: Google Ad Words Express attributes: condensed & easy to use, works with Google My Business, and is geared to local businesses. Has great reporting that shows device that was used to access. It provides keywords that relate to your business listing. You set a daily budget and only pay for clicks. Gives great exposure for minimal cost.

Thumbnail for Success Circle - How To Set Up A Membership Site

Title:  Sept. 5-2017 – How to Set up a Membership Site

Summary:  Key questions to consider before setting up a membership site: 1) What is the purpose of the membership site?
2). What specific benefits will the members derive from the site? 3). What are the specific benefits to the Site Owner? Important to do a needs analysis before deciding what platform and what tool . If it is to be a paid membership, it must deliver great value. Best place to host membership is on your own website so that you are not subject to changing winds.

Thumbnail for The Art of E-mail Marketing

Title: Aug. 28-2017 – The Art of E-mail Marketing

Summary: Let’s talk about e-mail marketing. Is it a dying art? What are the advantages/disadvantages? How can we make it work?
Even though many people are overwhelmed by their inbox, it still works best because there are fewer distractions and it’s a more of personal experience.
To make it work, we must realize that this is really relationship marketing. We must provide value for the recipient. E-mails must focus on the recipient, not on what I have to offer. Sender must know exactly what the end is. It must give links to next steps without advertising or tricking people. In the CTA, need to use action words that promote immediate action. Dean Jackson has good material ( Sumo is also useful to handle opt ins


Thumbnail for Being Your Own CEO Success Circle - Community Engagement

Title: Aug. 22-2017 – Community Engagement

Summary:  There are both free and paid communities. In free communities, people are there because they want the social interaction with like-minded folks. They enjoy exploring and sharing information and they want to maintain audience awareness and build trust so that when the need arises for their product or service, audience will think of them first. People sign up for paid communities because they have been promised access to specific services that usually includes education of some sort. They like the exclusivity of content and members. Often they are offered rewards for staying in the community and participating.

When community members are new, they are usually uncomfortable and shy; it takes a while before they catch on to the community culture. They need to be made aware of the following:
1. They need to post a picture of themselves so that people can recognize them.
2. They need to post information about themselves in the profile
3. They need to become familiar with and follow the community ground rules
4. They must participate and with honesty and integrity
5. They must contribute by offering and receiving support.

Success Circle thumbnail for Selling without Appearing Salesy

Title:  Aug. 1-2017 – Selling Without Appearing Salesy

Summary:  Sales is the biggest challenge for solopreneurs. Best advice: forget selling and concentrate on buying. Important to know whose life you are changing for the better with your product or sales. The psychology of buying an important study. Sales process: awareness & attention ( people get to know you and your why)-> trust (you build your credibility by persistently being helpful)-> want (appeal to the emotions of human experience) -> want now -> buy -> echo (continued focus on customers who bought) Other concepts: reviews and price matching, use of visuals and facts, self qualification. Toughest part: knowing when the prospect is ready to move to the next step in the process.

Thumbnail for Social Engagement

Title:  July 25-2017 – Social Engagement – The New Marketing?

Summary:  Social Engagement involves a variety of concepts – method of communication, creating an emotional relationship and building trust gradually – not unlike a courtship. Timing is key. It begins with offering something others can relate to -without expectation. Asking the right questions that help people reflect on their own thinking and feeling. Then as interest in the subject increases, there is a desire to know more about the person behind it. In short, it’s all about the other person and how you made them feel.

lThumbnail for Agility and Resilience

Title: July 18-2017 – Agility and Resilience for Solopreneurs

Summary:  Change is constant and provides powerful lessons one can learn from. On a personal level important qualities – inner commitment, openness and desire to learn new things, desire to express oneself, patience, hope, gratitude, generosity,optimism and trust in self. On a business level – must not be distracted away from the plan. Requires self discipline, organization, routines and focus. Yet important to be continually exploring new options, experimenting and having a business contingency plan. Continuous environmental scanning a must. Agility takes exercise in all aspects – mental, physical, emotional and business.

Thumbnail for Recycling Old Blog Posts

Title:  July 11-2017 – Recycling Old Blog Posts

Summary:   New terminology – evergreen, re-purposing, recycling, internal links. Benefits to recycling – when you are stuck for new content, can recycle evergreen content – gain improvements inf traffic, Google ranking, comments and conversions – all leading to more sales. Seven step process for recycling old blog posts.

Thumbnail for Conducting Great Interviews

Title:  July 4-2017 – Conducting Great Interviews

Summary:   How do we interest people in agreeing to an interview? Got to find some benefit for the interviewee. Actually a good interview has a benefit to both parties. Good to have a clear process to follow: Send written instructions/checklist for knowing how to gain access to the technology. Point them to a video outlining how to be a great video guest. Provide sample questions so interviewee can come mentally prepared. Do a live orientation to ensure equipment works well, do sound/visual check, provide guided tour of Hangout site, review agenda and set specific mutually acceptable time for live interview event. Good interviewer must follow general agenda but also must be able to follow her curiosity to something of interest to the audience. Interviewer must give the person opportunity to say/provide what they came to say especially if the discussion has strayed off in new directions.

Thumbnail for Learning From Toastmasters

Title:  June 27-2017 – Learning From Toastmasters

Summary:  Toastmasters is an International organization comprised with hundreds of local Chapters. Their tagline: “Where leaders are made” People learn at their own comfortable pace and develop confidence along the way. Usual meeting has three components: 1. Impromptu 2. Presentations 3. Evaluation.


Thumbnail for Facebook Versus YouTube

Title:  June 20-2017 – Facebook Video versus YouTube

Summary:  Can We Win from the Facebook Video War With You Tube?  Which one are you rooting for?  Interesting statistics: 80% of Facebook users never turn on their audio ; 50% of users only view Facebook on mobile and 98% don’t watch on landscape.
You catch viewers attention with motion. Need to add print captions to short videos. Make your video square at 10 x10 to take up more real estate on the Facebook screen in mobile. You can use Power Point 2010 to create 15 to 20 second videos for use on Facebook


Thumbnail for Podcasting for Business

Title: June 13-2017 – Podcasting For Business

Summary:  There are some great resources in YouTube for podcasting – +Roberto Blake and +Cliff Ravenscraft (Podcast Answer Man). Important to be organized with name, format and structure before you start.  Your Need: a program to do the recording (Audacity or OBS), web hosting(Your website) and media hosting( Lypson or Blubrry)and promo hosting (ITunes) Great advantages to the audience who like listening/learning while working out, driving, ironing, gardening. Great advantage to solopreneur if s/he learns how re-purpose videos.


Being Your Own CEO Success Circle Thumbnail for Instagram Tips and Tricks

Title:  June 6-2017 – Instagram Tips and Tricks 

Summary:  Instagram is owned and operated by Facebook.  Importance of hashtags and what they are used for.  Pictures must be square.  Many people simply share pictures they have taken in their surroundings with the intent of keeping them top of mind.  Viewers can leave comments and hearts.  We do see sponsored ads that we assume come from Facebook.  Discussed why one would want to post there from a marketing perspective – To show the personal side of a business.


Thumbnail for Promoting YouTube Videos

Title:  MAY 30-2017 – Promoting YouTube Videos

Summary:  The importance of true engagement on all platforms.  Places to share links – Most important is to embed on your own website and link in blogs.  Others:  LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus Community- no point linking to Facebook due to competition.  Use of hashtags – where and when not to use them.


Thumbnail for YouTube video for Editing YouTube Videos Success Circle

Title:  May 23-2017 – Editing YouTube Videos

Summary:  Looking for ways to edit without downloading, editing and then re-uploading. This gives a gives a different url that will be confusing for users. One way would be to use a landing page on a website with a constant url.

Need to recognize that production perfection not expected from live events.

Can arrange some pre-production using default template provided by YouTube. Tube Buddy facilitates this even more. New feature YouTube Editor allows for some productions as well.

Editing software: Screen Flow (Mac & Windows), I-Movie and Windows Movie Maker, Screencastomatic & Audacity

SEO Basics thumbnail

Title:  May 16-2017 – SEO Basics

Summary: Must ensure that the Google bots can read but also that visitors can read with pleasure.  Good to use keywords or phrases that you wish to be ranked for.  Seven important metrics:  Meta title, meta description, key word in content, images with alt. tag, internal links, external links and embedded video.  Yoast SEO tool helpful for Word Press site and Tube Buddy for YouTube.  Key Word Planner useful for find good key words.

Thumbnail for Google Analytics

Title: May 9-2017 – A Closer Look at Google Analytics

Summary: What can Google Analytics tell you about your website? It gives data about visitors to your site, where they come from, and how they came. It will tell how long visitors stay there and where they were when they left. This data assists in determining what needs to stay the same and what needs to be changed on your site.

How do you make best use of it? Important to set up a second view so that data does not get lost by your making adjustments. Good to review Analytics data at least weekly and make appropriate adjustments to your website.


Tracking Thumbnail

Topic:  May 2-2017 – Tracking your Funnels 

Summary:  Tracking the source of our traffic to our website hosted videos.  We looked at what Google Analytics can show us.  Important to track the sources of the traffic to our website so that we can leverage what is working well. Other places important to track:  YouTube, Facebook and Auto Responders such as Mail Chimp and AWeber.


Thumbnail for Time Savers

Topic:April 25-2017 – Time Savers to Support On-Line Activity

Summary: Automated systems that will help to save posting time.  We referred back to the first box on the Mind Map which was Social Media.  Three categories – Research, Videos, and Posting.  For Research we talked about Buzz Sumo, Feedly, NinjaOutreach and PromoRepublic.  For Videos we saw the value of TubeBuddy that supports SEO, Design and Analytics for your YouTube Channel.  For Posting & Scheduling we considered Buffer, AgoraPulse and Hootsuite.  After considering prices, we decided SocialPilot is the most reasonable for solopreneurs.


Topic:  April 18-2017 – II. Funneling Viewers To Your Live Stream Event 

Summary:  In Part II we looked at four more places where people can be led back to your website funnel: Content Off Site – posting articles to Article Directories such as:

  • Medium (
  • Quora (
  • Haro (Help A Reporter Out –
  • Triberr:

Offline Marketing – business cards, T shirts, Hats, etc. and local MeetUps, Private Groups such as G+ Communities and Collections, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups. Forums and Bulletin Boards – joining the conversations and answering questions.

Then there’s paid advertising – which you would try once you have lots of traffic from everything else.

Jay’s Mind Map:

Thumbnail-Funneling Viewers to Your Live Stream Event


Topic:  April 11-2017 – I. Funneling Viewers To Your Live Stream Event

Summary:  In Part I Jay Neill shared his wonderful Mind Map depicting the Funnel.  We got at start on looking at each platform:  Social media – choose one that you are comfortable in and where your prospective clients hang out, post more than once and at different days and times.  E-mail Marketing – can engage more here but less often, point to a landing page so that the same link may be used over and over.  Your Website – this is evergreen and where you can build your audience by using CTAs on your blog posts.  Next week in Part II, we will continue this conversation with four more platforms to cover.

Call To Action thumbnail

Topic:  April 4-2017 – Call To Action For Live Stream Events

Summary:  How and where do we market our website hosted Video Events? Wherever our potential clients hangout. Recognize the best marketing comes from sneezers. How do we provide support to Newbies? Make connecting and participating as simple and constant as possible.
How do we take care of User Experience? We must recognize that many users just want to observe and listen rather than participate actively.

Success Circle Topic - Chipmunk

Title:  March 28-2017 – Chipmunk – A Management Tool for Hangout Hosts.

Summary:  This was an introduction of a tool developed by Vivekananda Baindoor Rao
that shortens and simplifies the setup to have participants register, have the event auto-post to Calendar and provide view and Panel Member links.  This tool makes use of a variety of Google products:  Sheets, Forms, Calendar, G-mail


Thumbnail for Profound Sound on the Cheap

Title:  March 21st-2017 Profound Sound on the Cheap

Summary:  This week’s topic is a continuation from last week where we looked at creating an intro for our videos. Roland Takaoka will explain the equipment required to add the music to our hangout videos.

We acknowledged the need for courage to try adding music and that sound is an important aspect of our branding.

Roland described the different types of microphones and why they would be used in different situations.  He also explained the use of Mixers.


Thumbnail - YouTube Intro

Title:  March 14-2017 Create a Great Intro for YouTube Events


Important things to consider:
* consistency so that people know what to expect
* branding that reflects what you do
* professional thumbnail so that the first frame does not show you with your mouth open.
* music is an important part of branding.

Tutorial on developing an intro/outro slide show using Google Slides presented by Bill Graham.

Thumbnail for Engagement Via Mobile Phones

Topic: March 7-2017 Engagement Via Mobile Phones

Summary:  The importance of a responsive website.|  The new AMP plugin that improves the speed of mobile download.  Google handles the cache in a special way that improves the mobile user experience.| Advantages and disadvantages of using the Call Now Button plugin.|  Mobile as the Gateway tool – people use it for finding information but rarely use it to buy things or to engage in any meaningful way.|  Goal is always to lead viewers back to the main website where the true engagement occurs.|


Thumbnail - Text Message Marketing

Topic:  Text Message Marketing

Summary:  Feb. 28-2017

Canadian Stats – 26 million have mobile phone, 95% of mobile phones have text/SMS capabilities,More than 97% of text messages are opened and read within minutes of receipt, can integrate with Facebook and Twitter. Compliance with Anti-spam laws required (e.g. Reply STOP to end. Info: txt3,ca/l)

Uses: Appointment reminders, gift coupons, emergency messages, voting, surveys, send QR code, text to join, Text to video, request a review.

Concern over spamming (advertising) Some people have auto blocking apps to block if name/number is not in contacts. Very useful for locals to promote specials when in the proximity. Used for notifications on all sorts of apps. Text messaging is a two way street – sending and receiving. May need to use some different terminology. Can be used for good communications; engaging, not advertising.


Power of Reviews - thumbnail


Topic:  The Power of Reviews 

Summary:  Feb. 21-2017  As consumers, how do we make use of reviews? With all these affiliate programs, can we assume all are real and objective? Do we look for other’s evaluation before making buying decisions? Lots of other terms for the review concept – testimonials, endorsements, feedback. Lots of value from reading comparisons of products/services. We all agree that getting a variety of points of view is helpful.

As solopreneurs, how do we make use of reviews? We know that the more reviews we get, the better our Google ranking. We know how important it is to provide a simple, easy way for our customers/clients to provide feedback. Negative feedback offers an opportunity for businesses to take corrective action that will make the customer happy. The more personal is can be done the better.

Paull Murray suggested that the best kind of review is always the informal, un-requested word of mouth. What’s the best way to get lots of “sneezers”?


Thumbnail of BeingYourOwnCEO

Title:  E-mail Marketing – How To Make It Work

Summary:  Feb. 14-2017  First we discussed the question – Is it dead as some commentators would claim?  Despite the fact that many people suffer in-box overload, they still subscribe to things that interest them.  So, IT IS NOT DEAD.  It just depends on how we deliver it. Messages must be conversational and have the intent of building a relationship.  Jay Neil describes his successful model.  Bottom line:  Offer something of value in successive stages.  Make good use of an auto responder such as Mail Chimp or Aweber.


Thumbnail - Knowing Your Audience

Title:  Knowing Your Audience

Summary:  Feb. 7-2017  How do we know our audience well enough to understand their emotions?  We can make assumptions based on how we feel about it ourselves.  We can do a lot of questioning & listening.  We can ask for feedback or create a small survey.  We can use right brain language.  We also explored the distinctions between interest & emotion – curiosity & interest – reaction & response. We remembered the sales process begins with awareness and then then next stage is trust – trust is another emotion.  Do we gain their trust by pushing the fear button?  Do we just tell them what to do or do we offer how to do it?


Thumbnail of Psychology of Writing

Title: The Psychology of Writing

Summary: Jan. 31-2017.  We clarified the difference between “copy writing” and “content writing” – terms that come out of the past and are often misused.  For webwriting, two considerations are important – the audience and the intent.  The psychology in writing involves evoking emotion.  We do that by telling stories and making why it matters very clear to the reader.


Thumbnail with topic

Title: NLP and Business

Summary:  Jan. 24-2017 Guest Nadine Hanchar of Progressive Edge Plus helps us understand ways to re-frame our thinking and our language for greater success in Business.


Thumbnail of video

Title: Exploring Viewedit

Summary: January 17-2017.  Viewedit is a Chrome extension that allows you to record a video, a voice only or a screen.  Maximum length is one hour.  Very simple interface. Allows for auto share with gmail, social media and you can copy link for sharing link in other places.  Suitable for short messages showing something technical, for a facial message that show your personality or a call to action in social media.


Thumbnail Reflecting Your Personality on YouTube

Title:  Reflecting Your Personality on YouTube

Summary:  January 10-2017 – Be yourself and make it easy for viewers to connect with you as a person.  Share your story.  


Thumbnail of Success Circle - YouTube Presentations

Title: Improving Our YouTube Presentation

Summary:  Jan. 3-2017  Now that Hangouts On Air are hosted on YouTube makes sense to pay more attention to our presentation there.  Create a Channel that has a good banner, information about you, links to your website and videos organized into playlists.  Importance of ensuring the video description has key words.  See how Google SERPS shows what’s in the description ( see 33:42,209)

Importance of directing viewer to watch on your website.  Use your own real estate wherever possible – you have more control over your messages to the viewer there.

New Word Press Plugin (Video Comments Plus) that allows for better engagement before, during and after the Hangout with commenting.

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Title: Looking Back to 2016 and Forward to 2017 – Part 2

Summary:  Dec. 27-2016  Looking forward, what trends do we see?  The year of Video – Building Community – The importance of Authenticity – Away from TV and toward on-line – Keeping your audience through trust – Focusing on kindness and helping, The need for closed captioning.  Our Plans:  Creating great plugins, Developing tutorials, An interview series, Learning more coding, Expand Into Our Joy!  Behave Our Way Into Success!


Looking Back to 2016 and Forward to 2017

Title:  Looking Back to 2016 and Forward to 2017 – Part 1

Summary: Dec. 20-2016 Additions to our Operating Principles Trying to be Perfect? Allowing ourselves to be Average. Having Ideals. The MoZZ Core Values – TAGFEE.  Introductions.  2016 Review – Tell me what happened in your business last year.


How To Market Your Hangouts


Title:  How To Market Your Hangouts – #BYOCDec132016

Summary:  Using the new Word Press plugin (VCP) to add comments to the video page on your website.  Disabling comments in YouTube, Google+ Community and Collection shares and directing viewers to the website using a bitly link.  Inviting people using Google Calendar Invitation.  Understanding how Google Calendar Invitations works.  Using the Hangout Invite People function for Green Room Panelists.