Surviving Change

Surviving change has become an important consideration for solopreneurs.  We are bombarded with news items speaking about changes being brought on by climate change, technological inventions, social networking shifts, cyber warfare, political shifts and disasters to mention just a few.  All of these changes impact our markets in some way.  How does a solopreneur ensure survival?  Well, they need to develop their agility and resiliency skills if they are to survive the impact and pace of these disruptive changes.

Eight solopreneurs explored the concepts of agility and resiliency in a recent Being Your Own CEO Success Circle. Listen in to their 60-minute discussion here. Be sure to add your comments or questions.

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Following are my own conclusions that are drawn from this discussion together with some additional reading/research:

Agility Agility - ability to reach and or change

On a Personal Level, it seems that agility arises from some individual qualities and skills:

  • Confidence and belief in self;
  • Openness to and interest in new ideas;
  • Non-attachment to traditional approaches;
  • A growth mindset and an ability to brainstorm alternate options;
  • Openness to new styles of social engagement;
  • A sense of optimism and safety;
  • Ability to discover and learn quickly;
  • Ability to manage information flow;
  • Ability to manage changing roles and schedules;
  • Ability to quickly make adjustments
  • An acceptance that change is natural and constant;
  • Trust in the learning to be gained from making mistakes.

ResiliencyBusiness Resiliency

On a Business Level, mindset and activity work hand-in-hand:

  • Clarity about what the business is, its values, who it serves and how it serves;
  • A linear activity plan that defines repeatable routines;
  • The self-discipline to stay focused on the routines, avoiding distraction caused by the urgent/not important and shiny new things;
  • Continual environmental scanning for shifts in the market -new products,  new inventions, trends, shifts, activities;
  • Continual exploration and experimentation for new options toward the creation of contingency plans;
  • Continuous focus on results for both the business and its customers and making required adjustments immediately;
  • Constantly adding new skill sets;
  • Continuous engagement with potential collaborators;
  • Willingness to exit a declining market – sooner rather than later.

Mindset Monday Challenge

Take a look at your online methods of engaging with your potential clients.  Ask yourself:  If this were removed, how would I connect?  What contingency plans do you have?

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Greetings from LowellAnn,

In my workstyle-lifestyle coaching work I love helping solopreneurs find direction, stay motivated and build systems that both support and promote their business. A great place to begin is the Solopreneur Evaluation Tool that will tell you where you need to put more time and energy.

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  1. Good morning, L/A. Thanks as usual for the thoughts, especially for me the aspects of agility. Pretty important as I continue to make my “mind shift”. Take care.

    • Yes, you are right Lynn. We need agility to accomplish a mind sift. Glad you found it helpful.


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