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Recently we looked at the Google Tools for Business in the Being Your Own CEO Success Circle titled Google Ecosystem. I had made my list and was amazed by the number of additions offered by the other participants.  This was a good reminder that there is so much offered that we may not know about all of them.  Have a look at our list; perhaps there are products that will make your business more efficient and enjoyable:

Perfect ToDo Lists

ToDo List
The definition of a Perfect To-Do list is one that works for you in a stress-free way.  Recently, I stumbled on a couple of questions on-line that got me thinking:
Question #1:  How did the items on your ToDo List end up there?
Question #2:  How many items do you have on your ToDo list?

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The Portable Business Coach

Mindset Monday
Solopreneurs express their sense of overwhelm in a variety of ways, but there is no doubt that we all experience it sometime.  Many procrastinate, putting off tasks or roles they find unpleasant, others rush off to take yet another course because they feel uncertain about doing a task for the first time, still others can’t make decisions because there are so many tasks and roles they don’t know where to begin.  This piece will introduce a new tool, The Portable Business Coach, that will help solopreneurs deal with their overwhelm. (Note:  The tool has been re-named as Solopreneur Evaluation Tool.

Why Update Your Website?

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It’s all about first impressions!  As soon as I see one of those old black sites that is packed with stuff on the first page, I know the owner hasn’t paid a lot of attention to the impression being left.  Yes, there are many businesses that had a site developed years ago and think that’s all that is required – similar to a brochure that never changes.  They may ask ‘why update my website?’  Amazing the number of sites that have outdated information.  I discovered one recently that had the wrong address.

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Sample Elevator Speech

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The Question You Often Hear

As solopreneurs, there are a couple of situations where you will need to deliver your 30-second commercial – or Elevator Speech as it is often called. You may be asked to introduce yourself at a networking event. And then there is that casual meeting where someone asks you “What do you do?” Of course, you want your response to be short, clearly explain what you do, and interesting to the listener. But you also want it to engage the other person(s).  Let’s look at a sample elevator speech.

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How Do I Make Changes To My Website?

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You Are The Owner of Your Website

Many solopreneurs have decided they do not have the time or inclination to develop their own website.  So they find a developer who puts the Word Press site together using the information they provide.  The developer sets it all up and then either gets very busy and doesn’t respond to requests to “make changes to my website” or s/he simply disappears.  Now, what does the solopreneur do to recover that investment?
It’s easy to find another developer but that person will need basic information to get started.  Here is advice to ensure that all will not be lost if your web designer disappears:

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Are you thinking about retirement?

There are lots of things to consider.  Let’s make sure you have a plan that you gives you joy just thinking about it!

This is my gift to you!