How To Build A Retirement Career

How To Build A Retirement Career- sometimes involves favourite aactivities like sailing.

In keeping with the recent Mindset Monday blog posts dealing with retirement, I thought a repeat of last year’s piece “How To Build A Retirement Career” would be appropriate:

If you have passed the big Six-O birthday you are beginning to consider retirement from your main “Second Age” career, especially if you have spent many years working for a company or government.  Once you have made the decision on the date, you begin to wonder what will I do with the twenty or more years I have left on this planet? The question arises “How to Build A Retirement Career?”

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What is Retirement All About?

Mindset Monday

In What Is Retirement All About, five solopreneurs conclude that retirement is not about contraction; it’s about having choices and flexibility.  The same advantages and obstacles as being in business for yourself.

 What About Retirement

You will find timestamps below so that you can move to the interest area of your choice in this 40-minute video discussion.

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Finding Your Niche in Life

Work Life Balance
If you have reached a place in your work life where you know a change MUST occur, you will be interested in this “finding your niche in life” exercise.  Right now, you are feeling like a walking zombie from boredom or you are consumed by thoughts of escape.  (Or, maybe you have already escaped and need some direction.)

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When the Job Interviewer is Younger Than You

Young Interviewer

Recently a client was describing what she regarded as a very unsuccessful job interview “because the interviewer was at least 25 years younger than me and she had a poker face throughout the interview”.   She concluded that ageism was present. We need to think about our approach when the interviewer is younger than you.

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Are you thinking about retirement?

There are lots of things to consider.  Let’s make sure you have a plan that you gives you joy just thinking about it!

This is my gift to you!