How Do I Stay Connected In My Third Age?

Multigenerational Family - The Importance of Intimacy

One of the most powerful drives that all human beings share is to connect, to love and be loved. Today, we will examine the importance of intimacy, Frederick Hudson‘s third adult passion.  The question “How do I stay connected in my Third Age?” is worthy of our full consideration, since we know that healthy relationships ensure a healthy life and a healthy world. 

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Constant Change

In business, we all need feedback from our clients and colleagues in order to make improvements to our service.  

Although the following was written mainly for leaders in organizations, the principles are applicable in every situation – large and small businesses, solo enterprises, family, and community.

Here are a few ways to ask for feedback gracefully:

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Why Solopreneurs Use Social Media

Social Media Icons
In a recent Success Circle, the question was asked: “Solopreneurs – Why do you use social media anyway?”  The responses were varied but most led to the same main underlying reason – To Make Money
As solopreneurs with limited marketing budgets and time, we must find ways to get our products and services out there so that our prospective clients will find us.  But we all agreed that direct advertising has no place in social media.  Our reasons for being there were much broader and in some ways more subtle.

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Spruce Up Your Profiles

Facebook Logo
A thorough review of your online presence may tell you it’s time to spruce up your profiles.
Last week I participated in a great Wealthy Affiliate Friday night webinar by Jay Neill.  The topic over the next month will be “A Facebook Ad Case Study“.  We got started with the basics of Building a Quality Fan Page.  When the webinar was over, I thought I should check out my Business Page to see if I had had all the basics covered.

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What Do Citations Do?

A recent Moz post defined citations as “mentions of your business name and address on other webpages – even if there is no link to your website.”  What do citations do?  They serve the purpose of validating that the business is real and are a key component of online rankings.
Solopreneurs need to consider the best places to list their business as part of their marketing plan so that they get this ranking juice.  They also need to provide business details so that online searchers know who they are and what they do AND they must provide a link back to their website wherever possible.

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