Appointment Scheduling for Solopreneurs

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As solopreneurs, we need to reduce the time required to schedule appointments as much as possible, for this is not billable time.   Using e-mails and phone calls back and forth is very time-consuming.   What options do we have for appointment scheduling for solopreneurs?
We can:
  • make/take appointments ourselves
  • use an auto-scheduling program
  • hire a Virtual Assistant (VA) to manage them
Our goal must be efficiency for the business owner and respect for others’ time.

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Communication Methods & Styles

Connecting With Clients & Prospects
Chances are that as a solopreneur, you wrestle with thoughts about the best way to communicate with your clients and prospects.  Today we will look at a variety of methods and styles of communication to help you select the right ones for your business.

How To Create and Run A Success Circle

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If you are a solopreneur working from a home office alone, you don’t experience the advantages of working as part of a team.  You may have a life partner who sometimes acts as a sounding board providing encouragement, but partners rarely have the kind of interest, knowledge or objectivity that will help you make good business decisions.  What you need is a group that will offer ideas and provide feedback that will help you expand your thinking. How To Create and Run A Success Circle tells how to get those qualities in a group.

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How To Develop and Maintain Your Reputation

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Recently there has been a lot of online discussion about the importance of reputation for businesses.  For solopreneurs, it’s really about personal reputation.  The following How To Develop And Maintain Your Reputation summary gives advice that is still relevant despite the fact that it was taken from a career book Zen and the Art of Making A Living- A Practical Guide to Creative Career Designby Laurence Boldt back in 1993.
Zen and The Art of Making a Living book cover

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The Business Coffee Date

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Solopreneurs meet a lot of other solopreneurs at local mixers and there are a variety of reasons they may decide it would be worth their time to get to know one another better.   They have just met someone who could be a possible prospect, partner, service provider, or referral.  They may just be a source of useful information or merely be someone with a shared interest.  Normally they will decide to get together to find out. This is what is known in networking circles as a “business coffee date” at a local coffee shop.  But how will they ensure that this time has been enjoyable, productive and useful to both parties?  If the meeting isn’t conducted with finesse, someone will feel the meeting was one-sided.

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