Money Worries In The Third Age

Mindset Monday

Recently, my readers provided some valuable answers to questions I posed about what gives them angst and sleepless nights.  Having enough money doing what they want to do in retirement seemed to be a common theme. Money Worries In The Third Age will explore why those worries arise and what to do about them.

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How Do You Handle Price On Your Website

How Much - The question on everyone's mind before they decide to buy. So handle it on your website

While enjoying a networking coffee date with a friend that is busy revamping her business website, I asked: “how do you handle price on your website?”  Her reply was that she does not address the subject because she customizes her service to the needs of her client.  I decided to address this issue in today’s issue of Mindset Monday.

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Service Pricing Strategies


Many new solopreneurs struggle with setting and receiving fees.  Today I will share some service pricing strategies.

These three aspects that must be considered for every business:

  1. Setting your fees
  2. Communicating your fees
  3. Receiving your fees

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The Role of Fear in Marketing

Many Emotions
Today I want to explore fear – an issue that seems to be on everyone’s mind lately due to the election methods we are observing in the US.  But here, I will focus on the role of fear as it relates to our marketing approaches.

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Recipe for Success

Recipe for Success
So you can’t stand the job-job any longer.   Don’t quit just yet!  Following is a recipe for success if you think Being Your Own CEO is for you:


  • Right Reasons
  • Passion & Drive
  • Definition of Success
  • Support
  • Experimentation
  • Vision
  • Sounding Board

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Wearing Your Financial Hat

Mindset Monday
As solopreneurs, we often hear about having too many hats to wear.  Well, one hat we must all wear is the financial one. Since we are moving into tax season, we are being forced to take care of our financial work so that we can get those returns in on time.  Many of us dislike this work and so don’t pay much attention to the rest of the year.   This is a good time to have a look at our financial systems and streamline.  Let’s explore Wearing Your Financial Hat.