New Approach To Creating Courses On Your Website

Courses Online

This post will introduce a new approach to creating courses on your website using tools you likely have access to right now AND without additional cost.

Right up front…now …Just know that I am asking for your objective feedback.

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Be A Participant On Live Stream

The Green Room
As video experiences become more and more popular, solopreneurs will want to get involved as participants in video group chats and interviews on Live-Stream.  What do they need to know so that they avoid the embarrassment of having to learn from their mistakes?  Find out how to Be A Participant On Live-Stream.  All the principles apply whether it’s YouTube Live Stream, Zoom, Facebook Live or Google Meet.  Note:  This is an earlier blog that has been updated for current experiences.

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How Do You Handle Price On Your Website

How Much - The question on everyone's mind before they decide to buy. So handle it on your website

While enjoying a networking coffee date with a friend that is busy revamping her business website, I asked: “how do you handle price on your website?”  Her reply was that she does not address the subject because she customizes her service to the needs of her client.  I decided to address this issue in today’s issue of Mindset Monday.

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Website Planning Guide

Online devices
As a solopreneur, you know that you must discover a way to communicate with your future clients or customers.  You’ve read in Gerber’s books that you must select channels that will reach them and you have concluded that you must have an online presence in view of today’s electronic and mobile world; a business must be immediately present online.  So now it is time to acquire a website.   Some solopreneurs will decide to develop their own, while others will hire a web developer to do it for them.  In both cases, this website planning guide is the place to begin.

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Solopreneurs Doing Business Globally

Calendar Screenshot
Traditionally, solopreneurs spent a lot of time refining the local word of mouth process by attending MeetUps and promoting their website with business cards and brochures.  But now they are discovering the opportunities to widen their reach through Google Business listings on Maps and activities on Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.  Being present online is more important than ever due to the explosion of mobile activity from smartphones and tablets.  This on-line expansion naturally takes solopreneurs into doing business globally, especially as they explore new marketing trends of full engagement face-to-face with people all over the world.  This really tells my own business story and I found that I needed to change some of my thinking and business systems in order to facilitate this expansion.

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