Mindset Monday

Well, now that you are retired from that main, twenty year career, and you have passed through the decompression stage, you are no doubt looking …

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Changing Work Habits

Frustration with Changing Work Habits

How do you react when when circumstances demand that you change the way you work?  Work processes, once learned, go into a semi-automatic mode that require only part of our brain power, and work flows along quite comfortably.  Changing work habits, is very uncomfortable and we may even feel frustration and resistance.

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A Fruitful, Enjoyable Third Age

Writing About Me

How to enjoy your life as you move into your Third Age?  

As we approach our Third Age, we can often feel a shift happening in ourselves and in the world around us, but are uncertain about where to begin, or what to do about it. And as we experience the changing world around us,  we begin to question where we have been and where we want to go now, given these changes.

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Life As A Work of Art – A Reflection


Some time ago,  I came across a quotation by Rabbi Abraham Heschelt (as quoted by his daughter on CBC Radio) that gave me pause for reflection.  More recently, I have been searching for some inspiration in my work and realized it was right here, I had discovered it before –   Life as a work of art.

“Live your life as though it were a work of art, not a machine.”

And I could also say,  “Live your work as though it were a work of art, not a machine”

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