Why Do I Do What I Do?

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You may have been wondering why is LowellAnn doing this Mindset Monday? Well partly its because I have committed to participating in a Plus Your Business movement that has the goal of making Mondays the best day of the week for entrepreneurs.

And partly it’s because I want to connect with as many #solopreneurs as I can because that’s the group I love to assist.  This is my answer to “Why do I do what I do?”

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Humour in the Workplace


Humour as a competency

In today’s workplace humour is seen as a necessary competency for leaders. Michael M. Lombardo & Robert W. Eichinger in For Your Improvement – A Development and Coaching Guide (Lominger Ltd.- The LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT) suggest how humour shows up as unskilled, skilled and overused in the workplace and give some remedies for the leader who wants to improve. A person skilled in the humour competency:

  • Has a positive and constructive sense of humour
  • Can laugh at him/herself and with others
  • Is appropriately funny and can use humour to ease tension.

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An Exploration of Cynicism

Senior Lady

When we as individuals who tend to view the world through a positive lens, encounter those who seem to see everything from a negative stance, we need to understand where they are coming from.  Welcome to this exploration of cynicism.

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Workplace Styles – Just For Fun

Personal Development

Most of us have encountered workplace style assessments at one time or another in our careers.  The point of most of them is to recognize that all styles bring something valuable and that the more styles present in the organization, the greater the chances for success having considered everything from a variety of perspectives.

Here is quick and humorous assessment that focuses on the unique and possibly irritating styles that people bring to the workplace.  I received it from an old friend who is now retired from the Human Resources world. Thanks to Ed Pearce for the chuckles we will all get from How to Properly Place New Employees

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