Social Media Audit Template

Mindset Monday
As a solopreneur, you have no doubt taken countless pieces of advice about social media. So now you find yourself hooked up to five or six platforms.  And the question is, why are you there?  Have you been thinking lately that you may not be getting any results – other than some fun and distraction?  Why not try a Social Media Audit and find out why?

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On Being Found in LinkedIn

Linkedin Logo

LinkedIn has been with us for a long time.  Many changes have occurred on the platform since I first published this “On Being Found on LinkedIn” blog post back in 2013.  Today I want to add some insights gained since then.

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Why Solopreneurs Use Social Media

Social Media Icons
In a recent Success Circle, the question was asked: “Solopreneurs – Why do you use social media anyway?”  The responses were varied but most led to the same main underlying reason – To Make Money
As solopreneurs with limited marketing budgets and time, we must find ways to get our products and services out there so that our prospective clients will find us.  But we all agreed that direct advertising has no place in social media.  Our reasons for being there were much broader and in some ways more subtle.

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Spruce Up Your Profiles

Facebook Logo
A thorough review of your online presence may tell you it’s time to spruce up your profiles.
Last week I participated in a great Wealthy Affiliate Friday night webinar by Jay Neill.  The topic over the next month will be “A Facebook Ad Case Study“.  We got started with the basics of Building a Quality Fan Page.  When the webinar was over, I thought I should check out my Business Page to see if I had had all the basics covered.

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People Who Avoid Social Media

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Typically solopreneurs create a website and then just hope their business will be found on the Internet.  They may do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities themselves or they hire someone to “handle it”.  However, current research shows that people rarely randomly access service from a website they stumble upon; they are more likely to want to do business with a real person.    People who avoid social media are missing out on this opportunity.

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Are you thinking about retirement?

There are lots of things to consider.  Let’s make sure you have a plan that you gives you joy just thinking about it!

This is my gift to you!