You Have Lots To Offer

Success - You Have Lots To Offer

How will you spend your time in your Third Age?  Can you generate extra income? As you think about it, know that you have many options because, at this age, you have lots to offer.

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What Is The Third Age?

What Is Third Age Banner

We know that life can be viewed in stages that define the key roles, activities and changes that occur in each. In our youth we have passed through two stages: learning/preparation and career development/responsibility, but what happens after that? 

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How To Find My Passion

Update:  How To Find My Passion has been transformed into an interactive free training course. 

You will find it listed here:

Business Courses


What type of business do I want?  This is sometimes referred to as your Niche.  Passion is considered very important because it will sustain you through all the ups and downs and highs and lows of being in business. 

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Home Office Choices for a Healthy Planet

Healthy Planet

I looked at this issue back in 2011 when I was concerned about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, plans for drilling in the Beaufort Sea and building pipelines in NWT.  And here I am seven years later so worried about our impact on the oceans. Today I will revisit home office choices for a healthy planet with a focus on my environmental footprint.

Our life and work style simply must change if we are to save this planet.  Our oceans and soils are full of plastics that we will ingest by eating fish and vegetables.  Probable oil spills from pipelines will damage our rivers and ocean shorelines.

On the one hand, we must have oil to maintain our current North American way of life and on the other, we dare not risk more potential for disaster.  This quandary has caused me to reflect on what I can do personally to minimize my environmental footprint. As I look around my home office, what steps can I take?

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The Value of Vacations and Breaks

The Value of Vacations and Breaks

We are coming up to the end of summer and solopreneurs need to be reminded of the value of vacations and breaks.  They need time to relax and reflect on those important questions:  What do I love about my business?  What do I not love about my business?  What is unique about it?  Is it time to make some changes?

Definition of a Workaholic

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