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Counselling - Stone With Leaf

Why would anyone want a coach at this point in their life?

Well, there are so many pressures on us as we near the end of our Second Age that it’s often very difficult to sort out how to deal with this impending and unavoidable transition to the Third Age which is commonly referred to as the retirement years.  This article explains how Third Age Coaching works.

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The Perfect ToDo List Follow Up

My To Do List
Last week we looked at the variety of places and ways we record and manage our ToDo’s.  Click here for that blog.
My conclusion was to organize them into one place.  I had a bit of downtime this week to put it all together and I’m so pleased with the result that I thought readers might be interested.  Here’s my Perfect ToDo List Follow Up.

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The Portable Business Coach

Mindset Monday
Solopreneurs express their sense of overwhelm in a variety of ways, but there is no doubt that we all experience it sometime.  Many procrastinate, putting off tasks or roles they find unpleasant, others rush off to take yet another course because they feel uncertain about doing a task for the first time, still others can’t make decisions because there are so many tasks and roles they don’t know where to begin.  This piece will introduce a new tool, The Portable Business Coach, that will help solopreneurs deal with their overwhelm. (Note:  The tool has been re-named as Solopreneur Evaluation Tool.

How To Form A New Habit

Personal Development

I can’t think of anyone I know that doesn’t want want to drop, change or take on a new habit. Here I will describe my own efforts to form a new habit.

How it All Began

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Business Mistakes and How to Handle Them

Frustrated Womwn

Not long ago, a coaching client and I were exploring the concept of procrastination and came upon the notion that we all suffer from fear of failure to one degree or another. The need for perfection and our attempt to avoid making costly mistakes can sometimes prevent us from moving forward. This got me to thinking about the nature of mistakes and how to handle them.

Some typical work/business mistakes:

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