Tell Me Your Name Again!

This is Part Seven of of the Relationship Networking Series.  Oh The Embarrassment!  The reason many of us are uncomfortable about networking is that we are terrible about remembering names and we are embarrassed about it.  We really don’t want to say “Tell Me Your Name Again”.

Notice how good it feels when others remember your name.  It’s the first step toward building a trusting relationship.

Learn The Name Game

Following are some techniques to help you gain confidence in the Name Game:

  •  As you prepare to attend a mixer, set your intention. Make a conscious decision that you WILL remember and know that you CAN remember names.  It just takes a bit of caring and focus.
  • Be in a positive frame of mind that is full of anticipation about meeting some new people.  SMILE!
  • Remember you are not alone in the name recall game. Do everything you can to assist the others. Wear you name badge; make use of your business cards, and introduce where you can.
  • Remember to focus on her, not yourself.
  • Give your own name immediately, even if you know you have met before. This encourages him to reciprocate with his, and it lets him off the hook if he can’t recall yours. 
  • Ask for her business card at the beginning of the conversation; look and listen carefully. Ask questions about the name and say it carefully until you get it right.  
  • Take pains to get to know more about him and his business.  Write a note or two on the back of his card, especially if you are a visual/kinetic learner.  
  • Use your imagination to create linkages between her face, her name and her business name and something familiar to you.  
  • Find opportunities to use his name in conversation several times. Introduce him to others.  
  • In parting, be sure to use her name again  “It was great chatting Joan.”  
  • Remember it gets easier with a bit of practice; then we find ourselves actually looking forward to our networking occasions.
  • Back at the office, review the business cards that you collected and enter the card information in your Prospect Management Tool.  Include everything you can remember about each person.  This helps to solidify the name in your memory.

Mindset Monday Challenge

Give some thought to how you felt the last time you could not recall someone’s name.  What can you do to change that?

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