The Ebb and Flow of Confidence

Yesterday while working with my Morning Pages and Virtues Cards, I drew the Confidence card. Popov defines confidence as “having faith in ourselves and in life.”

I got to wondering why my confidence level tends to ebb and flow. Sometimes I feel ready to just “give ‘er” while there are other times when I feel down and wondering what’s the point. So i decided to do a bit of a reflection on the subject.

What are the indicators of confidence? Externally, we see

  • A physical demeanour that shows attention to detail in the way we take care of ourselves – hair, teeth, clothing, overall look.
  • Straight posture, purposeful stride
  • Ready smiles and clear, interested eyes
  • Our connections with others have energy and enthusiasm
  • New business, career, personal opportunities are coming in
  • A wide circle of friends and colleagues

Internally, we feel

  • Optimistic about the future
  • Satisfaction with our personal life
  • On top of things – being organized and unhurried
  • Gratitude for what life offers
  • Able to see the positive aspects of what who surrounds us

What makes our confidence slip? I notice that mine slips when my close personal relationships are a little off or business results are lagging behind and I’m having feelings of rejection. Then I give my greatest fears about my abilities too much attention and allow in pessimistic thoughts about the other activities in my life. They all seem to run together.

What are the best ways to boost up that drooping confidence?
I’ve found that a walk on a beautiful trail or the beach helps me clear away negative feelings. Then an inspirational book or conversation helps to build energy and optimism. I’ve also noticed that removing negative words from my verbal and mental vocabulary helps to maintain my self-confidence. Meditation helps to sort out my feelings and visualization of success brings the strength to move toward my goals.

What techniques do you use to maintain your confidence reserves?