The Emotions of Business

What lessons can you learn by tuning into your emotions?  Solopreneurs – What comes up for you when you think about your business?  Here is a little tool to help you – Try to step back and look at the overall picture and check off those that you feel right now.

 Check Off The Emotions That You Experience Right Now

Enthusiastic                              Optimistic
Nervous                                   Stuck
Angry                                      Excited
Joyful                                      Confident
Uncomfortable                          Anticipation
Bitter                                      Bored
Relaxed                                   Assertive
Envious                                   Overwhelmed
Satisfied                                  Frustrated
Disillusioned                             Grateful
Of the 20 emotions here, some are what I consider positive and others negative.  There are times in our business life that we can experience some degree of all of them.  Which emotion do you experience most often?  Which emotion is strongest? Would you add another?

Some questions that will help you interpret the appearance of this strong emotion:

  1. What activities were you considering when this emotion came up?
  2. What associations do you have with this activity and resulting emotion?
  3. Why is this activity important to you?  What story would you tell about this?
  4. Is a change needed?  What is it and what are you committed to do?
Getting our emotions out and onto the table is the first step in dealing with them if they are of the negative sort.  And the positive emotions give us a signal that something is going well and we should do more of it.
Mindset Monday question:  What role do emotions play in your business?
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