The Entrepreneurial Mindset

What sort of mindset does it take to be in business?  The answer is that it takes a mindset that ensures success.  Following is an exploration of the entrepreneurial mindset:

Mindsets Lead to Actions

Wikipedia defines mindset as “a set of assumptions, methods, or notions held by a person, based on their life experiences and philosophy of life.” 

Our assumptions will definitely determine the type of actions we take.  And the results of our actions can sometimes cause a shift in mindset, provided we are not fixed in our way of thinking.  So that’s the first mindset – to maintain an open and flexible mind.

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Entrepreneurial Mindsets

Here is the list that our Success Circle group generated together.  If you are thinking of creating a retirement business, carefully consider each of these and decide whether you have them now or would have some work to do:

  • Maintaining a problem-solving attitude, knowing that all business is created to solve someone’s problem;
  • Being open to new approaches and maintaining a growth mindset;
  • Being organized and creating systems that support our work, while avoiding distractions;
  • Being ready to simplify all our systems and testing;
  • Being willing to overcome our fear of failing and taking action;
  • Being ready to network and collaborate/support other entrepreneurs even if they are competitors;
  • Being ready to do what it takes to correct our mistakes;
  • Always searching for new approaches to marketing;
  • Setting our own boundaries and insisting on their observance;
  • Always working according to our principles and values – doing the right thing, being ethical and paying it forward.

A few years back, I wrote about skills and qualities needed in business.   Entrepreneurial Skills and Qualities provides a valuable list worthy of considering if you are contemplating a business.   However, I believe this mindset list takes us much deeper. 

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  1. Hey Lowell,
    Thanks for breaking down the “entrepreneurial mindset” in easy terminology. We all know that we need to cultivate some habits, skills, and qualities to be successful entrepreneurs, no matter in which field we are working.


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