The Law of Attraction

I’m sure many of you have by now encountered “The Secret”. It never hurts to be reminded of the Law of Attraction (“I attract to my life whatever I give my energy, focus and attention to, whether wanted or unwanted.” – Losier) However, my experience tells me that sometimes we are uncertain as to what we really want and until we are very clear about that, we can’t get the full benefit of this Law.

What does it take to discover what we really want? It takes work. Losier says we seem to be more definite about what we don’t want and that is where to begin, and then turn those “don’t wants” into desires. I believe we must go much deeper. The journey to self discovery is often a difficult but very satisfying one. This journey often involves getting down to the basics – who am I? What is important to me? What are my values? And it often involves a great deal of reflection through study, experimentation and journaling.

Then once we are clear about what we truly desire and we are focused on it, we need to take some sort of action in that direction. Synchronicity rarely occurs while we are sitting at home waiting.

Coaching Questions to Stimulate Reflection About Your Life & Work

1. What motivates you most at this time in your life to be the best you can be?

2. What are your current passions and values? Review each of these areas developed by Frederick Hudson:

o Personal Mastery – claiming yourself

o Achievement – proving yourself

o Intimacy – sharing yourself

o Play & Creativity – expressing yourself

o Search for Meaning – integrating yourself

o Compassion & Contribution – giving yourself

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