The Meaning of the Christmas Season


While there are many people in the world who view Christmas as a religious celebration of the birth of Christ, I believe that Christmas has many other important meanings for us.

angel-150x150On listening to Christmas music this week and thinking about the thoughts and emotions it brought up, I began to think about just what I think makes Christmas important. I’ve found that there is quite a list for me:

Christmas is a time:

  • when it’s OK to express our emotions openly;Love
  • for sharing – ourselves, our time, our wealth, our gifts;
  • for reflection on winter’s promise of spring – Winter Solstice;
  • for listening to and singing familiar carols and songs that connect us to past ages and traditions;
  • to reflect on family connections and childhood through individual traditions of food, music and memories;
  • to connect with something universal, something bigger than ourselves;
  • to participate in this social/cultural occasion that helps us share the common set of values of peace and love;
  • for celebrating the joy and abundance of our world;
  • for expressing our creativity in the way we decorate our communities, homes, and our tables;

    Bright White Unseen By Roger Byrt

    Bright White Unseen By Roger Byrt

  • of connection and visiting;
  • for reading a good book;
  • for a party;
  • to get dressed up in our finest;


I hope that you can find the time for some reflection on the true meaning of Christmas for you personally.  Try journaling your thoughts and then share your sense of meaning with us.

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