The Song Inside You

Many followers of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer have mourned his passing in the past week or so, and I took the opportunity to watch his film The Shift. In it, there was a song and a quote that that really resonated for me.

What is Your Song?

Don’t go with your song still inside you; Let it guide you everyday…” You can hear the song *Song Inside You* on YouTube by Ethan Lipton & Orchestra

A great way to begin a week is to focus on your song. While it may not be related to your business, it is bound to put you in that frame of mind that music will always touch. Music is a great metaphor for life and business, and in real moments it also has a physical, psychological and spiritual impact.

My favourite personal pastime is to participate in our local community choir. It brings into focus the value of positive vibration, harmony and community connection.

Does your business bring these qualities to you? What is your song?

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