Third Age Coaching

Why would anyone want a coach at this point in their life?

Well, there are so many pressures on us as we near the end of our Second Age that it’s often very difficult to sort out how to deal with this impending and unavoidable transition to the Third Age which is commonly referred to as the retirement years.  This article explains how Third Age Coaching works.

The stresses of career, changes in relationships, family, finances, and community demands make it difficult to unwrap the pieces so that we can decide what we really want. So, our tendency is to put it off till later. When these stresses become overpowering, the thought of retirement brings up visions of escape and relief. Many people can’t see beyond the golf course or tropical vacation. Can you imagine spending twenty or thirty years in a perpetual golf game or cramped into airplanes? Then, as we get closer to that magic age, many of us think of all those awful “d” words: decline, degeneration, disease, dependency, disability, decrepitude, and that make us want to avoid thinking about the journey ahead altogether, so we make no plans at all.

As your coach, I guide you through a different approach. We begin by viewing this last third of your life as a time for “r” words: renewal, rejuvenation, reinvention and re-direction. From this vantage point, the transition will conjure up ideas for workstyle-lifestyle re-design that will really motivate you. I am in your corner listening, questioning, observing, suggesting and encouraging you to create a new you that is ready to try on new approaches and designs that stretch and inspire you.

Together we will work on the creation of a new Life Vision. We look at all aspects of your life as suggested by Frederick Hudson: personal mastery, achievement, relationships, play and creativity, search for meaning and contribution. Frequently, I provide exercises and models to help you conduct self-exploration, develop options and make decisions. We develop long-range goals, actions and time frames with a bit of fun thrown in.

Creating a new Life Vision represents a considerable commitment of resources, time, experimentation and energy. However, the payback makes it more than worthwhile. You will view the next chapter of your life with anticipation. You can have whatever you want: excitement, creativity, contentment, expansion, simplification, harmony or the satisfaction of a life well-lived.

Update:  I created a new one-on-one program that walks you through this process.  See the What’s Next Program here



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