Thoughts About Change

I have written and thought a lot about change in the past.  Here, I present my most recent thoughts about change.  To begin, let us discover how it works.

How Change Works

We can find this in a very interesting YouTube video. Not only does it apply to organizations, we can also see it in societal change. The Two Loops Theory of organizational change is a model of change that tries to describe nonlinear emergent processes of change within complex organizations. It is a model inspired by looking at the growth and decline cycle of living systems. (source:

My Thoughts About Change Presentation

What Do We Foresee?

This is the list that I shared in the presentation:

Reduction Of Carbon To Atmosphere

  • Reduction of resource extraction (oil & gas, forestry)
  • Shrinking of economy to 1970 style or earlier
  • Changes in food production
  • Localized production 
  • Business sustainability rather than growth
  • Rise in prices
  • Reduction of delivery/long range trade

Indigenous Reconciliation

  • Stronger indiginous demands
  • Greater awareness by the total population
  • New collaboration models
  • More focus on environmental sustainability


  • New socializing patterns
  • Greater dependence on technology
  • Changes to school/education systems
  • Emergency systems stressed
  • Less international travel
  • Shifting employment
  • Staff shortages

What Do Solopreneurs Need To Do Now?

  • Offer Training
  • Explore alternatives 
  • Look Down the Road
  • Retire – Ha Ha – LOL
  • Offer ways to deal with the emotional aspect of change (hospice graceful death), rank the changes (what’s going to happen, what we would like to change & prioritize, offer change coaching.

Additional Posts About Change

Your Thoughts About Change

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.  How do you respond to change?  What do you see in the future?  What do you need to consider in your business?

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