The Value of Digital Detox

How many times do you check something digital in a day?

Let’s check out the value of a digital detox.

Here’s my list

  • checking & writing email
  • checking & writing text messages
  • Google/YouTube searching for information
  • checking & responding to social media notifications
  • posting to social media
  • seeking music or radio
  • watching live stream TV
  • watching Netflix
  • reading eBooks
  • listening to podcasts
  • playing games
  • checking movie theatres, restaurants and services
  • purchasing tickets
  • shopping
  • banking
  • advertising something for sale
  • looking for employment
  • finding government forms
  • finding recipes
  • paying for coffee, parking, etc
  • taking pictures
  • getting directions on maps
  • taking courses
  • writing courses & blogs
  • maintaining a website
  • connecting with friends & family via Zoom or Skype
  • watching & participating in webinars
As you can see, I have embraced the digital world in almost every way.  I have enjoyed the challenge of learning how to make use of new apps and activities and love the convenience they provide. However,  I do find that “rabbit holes” such as Facebook and LinkedIn take up way more time than they should.  In fact, at times the rabbit holes take over!

What would your life be like without all this digital activity?

I decided to find out on a non-business day.  I turned everything off for a digital detox.  Then there was a decision to be made.  What shall I do with this day?  I could:
  •  spend some time on the piano (but this too is digital)
  •  dig out a quilting project
  •  go for coffee with a friend (but need the phone to call & arrange)
  •  pick a book off the shelf and read
  •  clean out & organize my closets
  •  go for a Sunday drive
  •  go for a walk in the park
What did I do?  I opened a book that’s been on my shelf for a couple of years and got totally engrossed and wondering why it took me so long to get to this book.  And I had a leisurely nap and did some cooking for next week.

What did the day do for me?

It slowed things down and took my mind away from my business.  It was a complete break that felt very refreshing. The next day I was able to easily find some clarity around what is most important to accomplish.  I found it much easier to get focused.
Going forward, I have resolved to take a digital free day every week.  That way I get to enjoy some of my other joys in life and come back to my business refreshed.

Mindset Monday Challenge

Have a look at how you spend your average day.  How much of it involves digital activity?  Plan a digital detox day and notice what it does for you.
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2 thoughts on “The Value of Digital Detox”

  1. I am on the computer the whole day, yes, and so I check a lot of things digitally.
    But I am very glad to NOT have the smart-phone illness. I use it exclusively for receiving phone calls, seldom calling myself (as I prefer emails and hangouts etc) AND for Istagram and other photos. No e.mail dependency (yet?)

    • Thanks for your note Heidi. Well, I sure do have smart-phone illness. I have been using it much more since I noted the changes toward mobile that Google has been making. Lots of things very convenient there. But I still feel the need to withdraw from everything occasionally.


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