What is Retirement All About?

In What Is Retirement All About, five solopreneurs conclude that retirement is not about contraction; it’s about having choices and flexibility.  The same advantages and obstacles as being in business for yourself.

 What About Retirement

You will find timestamps below so that you can move to the interest area of your choice in this 40-minute video discussion.

0:04:26.600,0:04:32.600 – how do we define retirement right now?

0:08:41.779,0:08:47.630 – enter the world of being an entrepreneur

0:09:39.279,0:09:45.440 – passive income –  you know where we don’t have to work

0:15:17.600,0:15:21.620 – can’t replicate me but I can replicate the process

0:16:27.379,0:16:32.029 – forty per cent of all Canadians include winning the lottery as part of their retirement plan

0:18:06.680,0:18:15.950 – decompression time

0:20:43.210,0:20:48.970 – create passive income – searching for ways to

0:22:18.789,0:22:24.070 – curious about affiliate marketing

0:23:35.019,0:23:40.570 – affiliate marketing depends on writing content for online

0:24:40.110,0:24:44.559 – the social contract is changed

0:25:13.360,0:25:19.900 – baby boomers dilemma – I’m never going to be able to retire

0:26:20.470,0:26:26.470 – succession planning

0:27:05.550,0:27:15.450 – the difference between a business & self-employment

0:29:58.260,0:30:03.480 – the importance of planning the end of the business

0:30:53.640,0:30:57.960 – teaching people how to do something as a source of passive income

0:33:16.230,0:33:23.610 – urbanization source of our current problem

Resources for Planning Retirement

  1. A complimentary ten-week course to help you get ready to plan:  How To Build A Retirement Career
  2. A complimentary exercise to help you find some clarity:  How To Find My Passion
  3. A five-session guided program that helps you determine your new niche in life:  What’s Next – Your Third Age Career 
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