What Is The Third Age?

We know that life can be viewed in stages that define the key roles, activities and changes that occur in each. In our youth we have passed through two stages: learning/preparation and career development/responsibility, but what happens after that?  Rather than relying on some labels that no longer serve us (like a retiree, senior or elderly), social thinkers have looked for a term that doesn’t point to outdated realities. Research tells us that people are living longer, healthier, more vibrant lives than ever before, and therefore we need a new term that is neutral and without traditional, negative connotations of the youth culture of days gone by – Third Age, Third Chapter, Third Act are examples. How do we define these terms? What is the Third Age?

The Third Age Defined

  • Somewhere between the ages of 50 and 85;
  • Retired from the main career (or about to be) and wondering if available income will be adequate;
  • Into retirement and seeking something interesting to do;
  • Without work because of ageism in the employment world and feeling self-esteem and confidence slipping;
  • Minimal income due to a small pension or debt to cover;
  • Living alone and on just one income due to grey divorce, the death of a spouse or long term single status;
  • A health issue that has raised the cost of living;
  • Uncertainty about how to make effective use of 30 more years on this planet;
  • A desire for activity that provides relief from boredom ….something that provides the stimulation of a challenge;
  • A need for independence and fear of becoming a burden.

If you relate to the above in any way, this site will of interest to you. Let’s replace all those “d” words (decline, decrease, degenerate, devalue, diminish) in our Third Age.

We can replace them with encouraging “r” words: revive, re-engage, re-invent, reflection, re-define, re-fire, refine, renew, review! Know that it is possible to find something meaningful to do in our Third Age and that can lead to additional income.

This blog series will take you to a discovery of that self-awareness and wisdom that can help you create a fabulous Third Age that you can be truly energized and excited about.

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